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Welcome to Dreams for Breakfast - a boutique design studio and lifestyle blog serving up inspiration with a dash of whimsey, to style your brand and get your goals so can eat your dreams for breakfast!

I’m Rachel - digital stylist, designer, brand strategist, optimist, dreamer, dirty chai enthusiast, stationery nerd, creative-type and most definitely an introvert (INFJ!).

I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, but at the end of 2015, packed up everything I owned to chase my dream of living overseas... Our current adventure is in sunny California, with my handsome hubby and our cheeky French Bulldog, Oscar.

Dreams for Breakfast was founded on the belief that anything is possible and that within each of us, lies our own unique blend of magic.

It is our purpose to live this authentically, on the path to reaching our highest potential.

My mission is helpING you tap into your unique superpowers and unlock your potential so you can create a business and lifestyle that works for you, on your own terms.

Here you’ll find inspiration with a practical spin covering everything from streamlining your focus; how to be intentional with your time; developing a success mindset; cultivating healthy habits and goal-setting; along with blogging and biz tips for any aspiring #girlboss.

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Meet Rachel...

I started my first blog way back in 2009 when I was working full time and needed a creative outlet. Blogging was it for me and I haven't looked back.

Since then, my online presence has evolved and the blogging landscape has changed significantly - but one thing remains the same: the social nature of the web and the ability to build relationships directly with clients and customers alike, presents an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to create an online brand or business.

I fuse together over ten years working in the corporate world of advertising and marketing, with nine years blogging and building a multitude of online spaces to create my own unique blend of Brand Styling comprising of UX (user experience), Digital Strategy and Art Direction.

As a self-described multi-passionate, I wear many hats including brand stylist, digital strategist, blogger, writer and all-round creative-type. Equally passionate about all of these hats, I use my unique mix of skills to deliver forward thinking solutions for my clients.

Alongside Dreams for Breakfast, I teach blogging, social media and digital marketing at General Assembly and Imparture Training.

My work has been featured in numerous blogs and magazines including Huffington Post and Elephant Journal and I was named by Mashable as one of their top 20 Pinterest Fashion accounts.

I currently live in San Francisco with the love of my life and our cheeky Frenchie, Oscar.



Professional Bio

Rachel Gadiel is a Digital Stylist who helps brands create impactful marketing strategies and design beautiful digital experiences.

She fuses over ten years in the corporate world of advertising and marketing, working across iconic brands including American Express, Nokia and News Corp, with nine years blogging and building a multitude of online spaces to create her own unique blend of Digital Styling comprising of UX (user experience), Digital Strategy and Art Direction.

Alongside this, Rachel is the founder of online community Dreams for Breakfast and teaches at General Assembly and Imparture Training.

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