Ep#9 :: Susie Moore, How to Take Your Side Hustle Idea From Dream to Reality


Welcome to episode #9 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today, I’m excited to be chatting with Susie Moore, author of the brand new book, What if it Does Work Out - How a Side Hustle Can change your Life and creator of the online program, Side Hustle Made Simple.

Formerly a Sales Director at a Fortune 500 company, Susie is a business coach to CEOs and founders and an advisor to tech start ups in New York City and Silicon Valley.

She has been featured on the Today show, Forbes, Business Insider, Marie Claire, Time, Inc, Family Circle and many more.

In this episode Susie shares her story of how she was able to generate enough income through her side hustle that enabled her to leave her well-paying sales job and do something she truly loves.


We talk about why now more than ever, there has never been a better time to begin a side hustle and how it can transform your life for the better.

Susie shares her framework for how you can work out if your side hustle is actually a good idea or just an expensive hobby; along with the realities of juggling your side hustle alongside your full time job.

We talk about how to get your side hustle off the ground and clever non-cringeworthy ways to self-promote and get your business out there.

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode:

In this episode we mention:

Grab a copy of 'What if it does work out' & connect with susie: 

5 Ways to Boost Your Focus & Supercharge Your Productivity


It’s 8:55am on Saturday morning and you’ve intentionally dedicated this time to powering through the zillion things on your to-do list and you need to make the most of this small window of time you have...

While you’re drinking your morning coffee, you think to yourself -

‘Oh, I’m just going to log into Facebook to see how my last post went...’

You login and check your stats, but quicker than you can say “OMG Kim Kardashian is pregnant!”' - a post from your favorite blogger caught your eye and you had to check it out...

Fast forward 30 minutes later you still haven’t started on your to-do list and begin feeling overwhelmed because you’ve just seen a whole bunch of posts that your entrepreneur pals have already done this morning and you know you’re so behind!

Well, hello. Welcome.

You’ve just been sucked into the digital time vortex: AKA productivity killer of the 21st Century.

I know, I can hear you saying it now - you need to keep your pulse on what’s happening and because social media is where you find out super valuable information that can actually HELP you!!

I hear you.

BUT, and this is a big but… I want you to think about if this constant checking is actually helping you or hindering you from achieving your goals.

If you can truthfully say you think this *may* be in fact hindering your success; read on - this post is for you.

In our age of the digital ‘always on’ revolution we are constantly surrounded by notifications, sounds and enticing apps and social media sites (um hello, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) that we find it hard to resist the urge from checking in on as we have a big fear of missing out of something we might {read: can’t live without} need to know.

As we edge closer to the end of the year with just 21 days left in 2017, I’ve no doubt your to-do list is getting longer by the minute with holiday preparations mounting; as well as those last few projects you want to squeeze in before we officially head into 2018 (can you believe it, 2018?!)

So today I wanted to share with you 5 simple ways to boost your focus - all of which have dramatically helped me get more done each day, skyrocketing my productivity. These healthy habits will support you supercharging your creativity and productivity, ensuring you stay focused and on your game rocking your biggest goals!

Since I started practicing these habits I've gradually improved my ability to focus and hold my concentration and I’ve been able to achieve more in a day than I sometimes would in a week!

Let’s dive in!


1. Set Your Daily Intentions.

Each morning before I even start the day, I spend a few minutes writing down my intention and what I want to focus on that day. Whether it’s a certain mindset; a feeling; or even just a word to inspire you and keep you motivated for the day; setting an intention is super helpful in guiding the day ahead and where your energy should be focused.

Where intention goes, energy flows.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • I expand in abundance, success, and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.

  • I am calm and focused with complete clarity on my dreams that I work towards with ease. {Click to tweet it!}

  • I look at every obstacle as an opportunity for growth. {Click to Tweet it!}

Write your intention down on your Daily Goals Planner or on a post-it note and stick it above your computer where you can see it during the day to keep you feeling inspired and motivated to do your thing!

2. Raise Your Awareness.

Boosting our focus essentially begins with becoming more mindful and paying attention to where our energy is going. This starts with raising our consciousness to what is happening the present moment.

We are so often on auto-pilot during the day with various little habits that disrupt our flow and distract us from what we need to be focusing on. Checking our phones and scrolling mindlessly is one example of this - sometimes we don’t even notice we’re doing it - it’s just a habit!

Breaking these habits begins with raising our awareness and then noticing where we get tripped up.

The best way I’ve found is to keep a record of all the things that distract you during the day - whether it be your emails, checking your phone or logging on to Facebook to have a ‘quick look’.


Then work out what some strategies could be to help mitigate them.

For example, during the day I turn my phone on airplane mode so I’m not tempted to check it. When I’m in focus mode, I close down all the tabs I don’t need open in my browser and only leave open the one or two tabs I need to finish my work.

The better we get at identifying these distractions and become aware of them, the better we’re able to set our environment up in a way that supports us from minimizing these pesky distractions.

3. Focus on your top 3 daily priorities.

Next up is to prioritize what you need to get done, by focusing only on your top three priorities for the day.

Before you go on and tell me how big your to-do list is and how impossible it is for you to be able to prioritize this down to three things I want to share with you this:

There are always going to be more things you want/need to get done that you physically are able to fit into a day or even a week or a month.

So give yourself permission right now to let yourself off the hook and be quit being burdened with this notion that you need to ‘get everything done’.

You don’t.

By committing to focusing on our top priorities we actually get a lot more done. This is the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle whereby focusing our energy on the 20% of tasks that will yield the most significant results.

Any more than three daily priorities and you’re likely to start feeling overwhelmed by what you need to get done (especially while you’re side-hustling!). Keep your to-do list small and watch your productivity and results skyrocket.

Here’s how this practice could play out for you...

Think about what your overall goal is for the year - the one big thing that you really want to achieve more than anything else.

For example, it might be to to sign on 5 new clients every month; or generate X amount of sales in your side hustle or business.

Your job is to then define what activities you need to be doing that are going to help you achieve this big goal (this may be a long an exhaustive list!).

Then pick 3 of these activities you are going to focus on for TODAY only and write them down.

{Tip: the Daily Goals Planner has been created to help you achieve this!}

Here’s the thing: when we know what our overall priorities are it makes it a hell of a lot easier to know what we should be working on and what we need to ditch.

The biggest distraction and where we get tripped up is losing sight of what our main priority is and end up doing ‘busy work’ that’s not actually helping us achieve what we set out to.

See freaking good it feels to cross those three things off your list?! If you fly through your top three, then simply rinse and repeat. Easy!

4. Focus On One Thing At A Time.

Ok, so now you have your list of things you need to get done.

Next, I want you to pick one thing off your list you want to complete and commit to only focusing on completing this single task until it is done.

That means no checking Facebook; no starting another task and no reading a blog post while you’re doing it!

Despite what you may think, multi-tasking does not help us get more done. In fact, it only slows us down.

Research from Stanford University has confirmed that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information do not pay attention, control their memory or switch from one job to another as well as those who prefer to complete one task at a time.

"When {multitaskers} are in situations where there are multiple sources of information coming from the external world or emerging out of memory, they're not able to filter out what's not relevant to their current goal," said Wagner, an associate professor of psychology. "That failure to filter means they're slowed down by that irrelevant information."

So start now, by close down all of the tabs in your browser.

If you need to, use Self Control app to block certain sites from being accessed.

Or better yet - switch off your wifi so that you’re not tempted to even jump on the internet for a ‘quick look.'

Focusing on one task at a time helps us sustain our concentration, which makes us way more productive and ultimately means we reach our goals a whole lot faster.

5. Set Yourself a Timer.

Discovering the Pomordoro technique has literally changed my life.

I used to break my day up into hour-long blocks, but to be perfectly honest, I was increasingly finding this challenging because I kept getting distracted and found it hard to concentrate for that long.

I’d read about Pomordoro technique before but never fully got into it, but I’d a few people raving about it with huge success, so I decided to give it a shot.

How it works:

It’s simplicity is my favourite thing about using the Pomordoro method.

You literally set a timer for 25 minutes and commit to fully working on the task at hand for that period. At the end of the 25 minutes you can take a short break, before starting the next 25 minute session.

There is also a dedicated Pomodoro app which is awesome because you can set a goal for how many ‘Pomordoro’s’ you want to achieve in a day. I’ve found this to be super helpful in boosting productivity.

If you have trouble focusing for long periods, the Pomodoro technique is the perfect thing to try because it’s a short enough period for you not to want to give into your distractions, but long enough for you to actually achieve a significant amount of work.

There you have it, 5 {super simple} ways to boost your focus to support you being super productive and rocking your biggest goals!

Now over to you, I’d love to know - what are some of the biggest things that trip you up and stop you from being productive with your time?

Which of these habits do you think could help you the most?

And if you’ve got a brilliant productivity hack, I’d love you to share what has worked well for you!

To taking your next best step,

Rachel x

P.S If you loved this post, you're probably going love my brand new program - Dream it, Do it :: Your 30 Day Goal Getting Plan which is a system I designed to support you to staying focused, motivated and accountable to reaching your biggest goals over 30 days! We kick off on January 8th - will you join us?

Ep#8 :: Connie Chapman, The Path to Trusting Your Inner Wisdom & Following Your Heart


Welcome to episode number 8 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today I’m honored to be chatting with the delightful Connie Chapman.

Connie is a life coach, speaker and writer empowering big dreamers and soul seekers to discover a new way of living, and create lives they love (from the inside out).

Through her 1:1 coaching practise she has spent the past 5 years guiding hundreds of women and men to break free of their limitations and unlock their true potential.


Connie is the creator of the transformative course Slow Down & Tune In, and host of the Awaken Radio where she shares inspiring and heartfelt conversations that reach thousands of listeners in countries all around the world.

Known for her authentic, honest and soulful approach, Connie's transformative work is all about reconnecting with your heart and inner wisdom, embodying more love, peace and freedom, creating a mindset that empowers you, and learning to truly accept and value yourself.


In this episode Connie opens up about her journey of self-discovery and how she made a dramatic shift in her late 20’s to begin living in complete alignment with her soul’s calling and her purpose.

We talk about the power of tuning into our subtle nudges to recognize when we’re on the wrong path; the expectations of those around us and why we need to be careful about who we share our dreams with; as well as the journey of navigating a wildly unfamiliar territory, all while honoring your dreams.


Connie shares her practices for slowing down and tuning into her inner guidance system and how she balances this with making practical decisions about the very real challenges she faces on her journey.

I know you’re going to be so inspired by everything Connie shares and can’t wait for you to listen!

Let’s get to the show!


Listen to the full episode:

How to Set Kick-Ass Goals You'll Actually Stick to :: 5 Steps to Crush All of Your Goals in 2018


As we edge closer to the end of the year it’s impossible to not start dreaming and scheming about 2018 - there’s nothing like the start of a fresh new year to set some big juicy goals and dive into making them happen!  

Perhaps you’ve already started?! In case you haven’t, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of resolutions at all - I believe you can set a new goal or commit to making a change any day of the year, but I do think the start of a new year is the perfect time to re-assess where you’re headed; commit to being intentional about your time, as well as making solid plans for the year ahead.

Let’s be honest for a moment - how many times have you set an ambitious new year resolution or goal, only for it to fall flat on its face not too long after?

The problem with setting goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year and then see them fall over soon after comes down to two things:

   1.    Setting the wrong kind of goals.

   2.   Not having a solid system and plan in place to make them happen. 

So today I want to share with you the 5 simple steps to rock every.single.goal you set in 2018 and beyond!

Let's dive in!

1. Align with your “why”

The number one reason why we don’t reach our goals is when they’re not aligned with our purpose - A.K.A our ‘why’.

The lack of any kind of meaningful attachment to the outcome of what we’re setting out to pursue, doesn’t give us the motivation or inspiration we need to go after our goals with passion or perseverance.

Start getting into alignment by asking yourself -

  • What do I really want?

  • What does my ideal life look like?

  • Where do I want to be in 5 years time?

  • What is holding me back?

As soon as we get this clarity on our biggest desires and what is important to us, the process of setting goals aligned with this vision becomes really easy as we’re bringing this amazing energy to consciously create this future version of our lives.

Aligning with our purpose also means we’re setting up our future success as the goals we set for ourselves feel inspiring, exciting and possibly make us feel slightly freaked out!

But this is a GOOD thing, because setting goals like this mean we’re leveling up and pushing us outside of our comfort zone. 

Goals worth pursuing should give you that butterfly feeling. Always go with the butterflies.

2. Break Down Your Goals Into Actionable Steps.

How many times have you set a huge goal for yourself and then wonder how the heck you are going to actually make it happen? Yep, you’re not alone!

Which is why it is essential that every goal we set needs to be broken down into smaller, actionable steps.

Perhaps you've set the goal to start your own business; or maybe you want to make a big career change which will mean retraining in something entirely different (how freaking exciting BTW!) - but looking at these goals alone is enough to wonder what the heck comes first and what your next move will be.

Then we just get so overwhelmed by this big goal we’ve set for ourselves and put it in the ‘too hard basket’ - and guess what?

Yep, we stay exactly where we are.

So, for each goal you set for yourself this year, commit to backing it up with a plan that details the steps you need to make for this goal to be met.

A good tip here is to break your big goal up into monthly goals, followed by smaller weekly goals so you can review at the end of each month/week the progress you’ve made.

Not only does breaking our goals down into actionable steps help keep us on track for reaching our bigger goals, it helps to motivate us as we can then chart the exact progress we’ve made - WINNING!

3. Review Your Goals Daily

This is a big trick and easy to miss, but so powerful once we build a strong habit to support it.

Reviewing our goals daily ensures they are top of mind - this step is essential for keeping the momentum going with any goal we set.

The No. 1 reason why people don’t reach their goals is because they don’t stay close to them, making it super easy for us to forget, lose interest or plain just ‘can’t be bothered'.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

When we make the commitment to keeping our goals close by and document them in our journal or goals planner and create a daily habit of making them part of our morning routine - it makes it SO much easier to keep our next best steps top of mind; plan each day with intention and we know exactly where we are headed!


4. Be Flexible In Your Approach

One of my favorite quotes by Tony Robbins sums this up perfectly: Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.  

It’s perfectly ok to be flexible in how we go about achieving our goals. 

Let’s be real here: it is pretty much given that "life happens" and as a result we need to be able to shift and make changes based on unplanned circumstances that come up.

The path to achieving any goal rarely goes as planned and is always filled with obstacles and challenges that make us really question our commitment to making them happen.  

What’s important is that while our path may look different to what we had originally envisioned, we are still 100% committed to working out a new plan that sees us achieving our goal.

A good tip here is at the end of each month set aside some time to review your progress - ask yourself:

  • What went well?

  • What didn’t go so well?

  • What do you need to tweak; or perhaps make some changes on?

5. Celebrate Your Wins!

This is often overlooked, but by taking the time to celebrate every goal we crush, we're creating space to honor ourselves and the hard work we've put in to making it happen.

When can also use this celebration as an opportunity to reflect and assess the key factors that led to making this a success - we can then use these learnings to fuel our subsequent goals.   

Pausing to acknowledge how awesome we are for rocking the goals we set for ourselves also helps motivate us and fuel us with the confidence we need to keep going. Knowing and believing we’re able to achieve anything we set our mindset to essentially becomes the proof we need to know just how capable we are.

Nope, it doesn’t need to be elaborate, but why not treat yourself to an afternoon of Netflix; buy your favorite magazine; or getting your nails done - just enough to celebrate your awesomeness!

There you have it - my 5 steps to crushing EVERY single one of your goals.

Now it's over to you: I’d love you to share in the comments what helps you stay on track to reaching your goals!

To taking your next best step,

Rachel x

P.S Grab your FREE Daily Goals Planner below to help keep you motivated and on track for rocking your goals everyday!

Ep#7 :: 5 Simple Steps to Overcoming Fear & Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone to Reinvent Your Life

Ep7__5 Simple_Steps_Overcoming_Fear_Getting-Out-Of-Your-Comfort-Zone-to-Reinvent-Your-Life.jpg

Welcome to episode number 7 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today’s show is going to be slightly different because there is no guest interview today - it is just me!

I have to be honest - doing this is going well and truly out of my comfort zone, so bear with me…

And that brings me to the topic for today’s show - How to push yourself out of your zone of comfort to reinvent your life.

The truth is that if you really want to create change in your life; up level your success and create a new way of being for yourself - you need to start doing things differently…

Any by differently, I mean getting well and truly uncomfortable ….

You see - while living in our zone of comfort is very comfortable, nothing ever grows from there. We simply remain exactly where we are.

There are two types of people in the world - the people who are just happy with following the same path that has been laid out before them and never breaking out to follow their true calling and purpose in the world; and then there are the people who are committed to growth, change and designing a life that is in complete alignment with their purpose.

For some people staying where they are is completely ok with them. They don’t really have big dreams or they don’t really want to commit to the change necessary to make their dreams happen.

They are happy doing the same things day in, day out without ever making the choice they want to upgrade their life…

The problem with this way of life is you never find out what you’re truly capable of and you never grow - you remain stuck.

If we want to create a new way of life - we must embrace a new way of being.

And getting uncomfortable is the first step.

Let’s be honest - any kind of change where we need to level up is most likely met with some kind of resistance - resistance to change; resistance to doing things differently and above all - resistance to stepping into a new version of yourself.

So today I'm sharing 5 simple ways that you can make this change a little less overwhelming and also make it fun!!


1. Get clear on your vision.

  • What is it you truly want?
  • What is the vision you have for your life?
  • What are the steps you need to get you there?
  • Create a roadmap and literally write down the gaps between where you are now and where you need to be.

2. Start small.

There is no point getting so overwhelmed with trying to make massive leaps and then never getting started in the first place.

Instead, think of some smaller steps that are still wildly different but will help you to build up your confidence and create momentum so you can then start making those bigger leaps!

3. Treat everything as an experiment and a learning opportunity.

Reframe everything you do with: what can I learn from this? What can I do differently/better next time? What are my opportunities for growth here? Does this feel good to me?

4. Track your progress.

Keep a journal and record every action, every win and every time you up-level your success. You’ll be amazed when you look back and see exactly how far you’ve come!

5. Celebrate your wins!

This is so important and we don’t do this nearly enough as we should.

Decide what your version of celebrating looks like - whether it’s happy dancing around the house; a luxurious bubble bath; or an afternoon of Netflix - whatever supports you feeling accomplished and rewarded for your hard work of up-leveling your game!

Listen to the full episode here:

I'd love you to share what are two small steps you could begin today that would start creating momentum for your big dream?

To taking your next best step,

Rachel x

P.S I created something for you: a FREE Daily Goals Planner to stay focused, productive and get sh*t done. Grab yours below!

10 Healthy Morning Habits to Supercharge Your Day


One of my favorite questions to ask people is whether they have a regular morning routine.

I ask every person interviewed on the podcast and always try to find a way to weave into conversations ;-)

Since reading Hal Elrod’s book, the Miracle Morning, I’ve become obsessed with morning routines and have created my own version of a Healthy Morning Routine which has literally transformed my life - I’m way more productive, had a loads of energy (yes those HIIT workouts do wonders!) and I remain super focused on my top priorities.

There’s a ton of research to support that having a good morning routine can lead to increased productivity. And, because our willpower is highest in the morning when we start each day strong, we are basically giving ourselves a head start.

Mornings are the foundation of our day so it makes sense that if we begin the day in a positive, productive mindset, the rest of the day will follow suit.

A morning routine is all about establishing good daily habits, committing to them and then reaping the benefits of increased productivity that boosts our overall health and happiness.


Daily habits are powerful - when we establish a habit, it becomes so ingrained in us that the behavior becomes something we do without thinking with it no longer requiring a significant amount of effort to be done.

Once we create these healthy habits in the morning, they then have a ripple effect on the rest of our day and ultimately on the rest of our life.

Every few months I mix-up my routine to keep it fresh and decided to give myself a challenge of a new routine to end the final month of the year on a high!

Here are the 10 healthy habits I'll be committing to:

  1. Rise at 7am each morning.

  2. Not looking at my phone until I’ve mapped out my day.

  3. Repeat daily affirmations.

  4. 16 minute HIIT workout.

  5. Protein and superfoods smoothie.

  6. Write in my journal.

  7. Write down 3 things I’m grateful for.

  8. Read a chapter of my book or something inspiring

  9. Review my goals.

  10. Start the day with ‘eating my biggest frog’ - the hardest or most dreaded thing on my to-do list so I get it out of the way.

Not looking at my phone is probably the biggest habit I want to kick - checking email first morning and scrolling is not the way I want to start my day, so I’m going to leave my phone in airplane mode so I can’t access anything.

I’ve also got out of the habit of eating my biggest frog, so this is going to be a good challenge too. 

Do you have a morning routine or any rituals that set you up for success each day?

Let me know if you're up for a challenge!

I've also created a Daily Goals Planner to help you stay accountable to your Healthy Habits and rock your goals every. single. day. 

Just enter your details in the sign up box below!

Ep#6 :: Dani DiPirro, Positively Present :: Exploring Your Creative Path & Finding Flow in Work & Life


Welcome to Episode number 6!

Today I’m excited to be chatting with Dani DiPirro - an author, blogger, and designer living in Washington, DC.

In 2009, she launched the website Positively Present with the intention of sharing personal experiences and insights on positivity, awareness, and self-love — things that didn’t always come easy to her!

Since the launch of the site, Positively Present has grown into a global, go-to destination for positive personal development, inspiration and resources.

In 2012, Dani left her full-time job to focus her attention on growing the brand.

Since then, she has expanded the blog into many new ventures, including books, a YouTube channel, and online courses.


In this episode we talk about Dani’s creative journey which began as passionate side-hustle and what it looks like to explore your creative path by paying attention to what lights you up; and ultimately connecting the dots that lead you to your purpose.

Dani shares the some of the practicalities of pursuing your creative passion as a full time career including the power of resilience and bouncing back from failure; as well as choosing to let go of perfectionism and instead focus on authenticity and being yourself.

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode:

Life on Purpose :: Pauline Morrissey, Freelance Writer


I’m super excited to be chatting with Sydney-based Freelance Writer, Pauline Morrissey, who is currently adventuring across the United States, in a uniquely stylish camper-van for nine months, whilst documenting her incredible travels on Instagram,

During her travels, she is working with various clients including Domain, Houzz and ShortPress; and at the same time, delighting her Instagram fans with stunning scenery along the way.


Pauline and her husband have been making their way across the USA in a camper-van they lovingly fitted out and decorated to suit their personal style.

They’ve done an incredible job reviving the van; and, despite its compact size, have created a cozy and stylish space to call home on their epic adventure.

I caught up with Pauline to chat about why she decided to take this big leap and how she's making it work, by combining her two passions - writing and travel.


What sparked the idea to pack up your life in Sydney to plan your US adventure?

This is actually my second time of traveling for an extended period. My husband and I did another trip in 2012 where we also bought a motorhome and took off in America for a 3-month road trip, then flew to London where we lived and worked for a year.

After we came home from that trip, we really put a focus on our careers back at home in Sydney for the 5 years that followed, however, I found, that the better my career was getting, the more mentally ill I was becoming.

I found myself working far too many hours per week, my work and life balance was way off, and my underlying anxiety worsened dramatically. We had all intentions on saving up for a deposit for a home, however, I felt like I was becoming a ticking time bomb.

I remember my husband Kieran asking me to recall a time in my life where I felt most free of anxiety, and my answer led me back to the times we were traveling.

One thing led to another and here we are again...


How did you go about making the leap from full time employment to freelancing?

I really loved my job. I was the full-time Home & Lifestyle Writer for one of Australia's leading publication and I was in that position for over two years.

Within the time I was there, my role grew and grew, which was great for my career, but as I mentioned before, it took a tole on my wellbeing. The funny thing is, what drew me to this career is the fact that I love to create and write.

However, I later came to know, the better job you do in this industry, the more you'll likely find yourself in meetings. presentations, and media events - aspects that my introverted and now anxious self found quite confronting - not to mention very removed from my initial longing and attraction for this career.

Over time, I just decided to ask myself what aspects of my job do I truly value and enjoy, and the answer was writing. I also wanted to take what I now call my 'mental gap year', so I decided to do both of these things, at the same time.

The day I put in my resignation at work, I remember being so nervous, I was nearing a panic attack.

But I just took deep breaths and backed myself, like I would a close friend. I chose to be very open about my reasonings, even down to the finer details of my struggles with my anxiety.

My work was very understanding and even asked if I may consider staying full-time, but working around my needs (changing some of my responsibilities and having more freedom to work from home, etc.), however, by this time, I had already packed my suitcase in my mind.

Because of this, they instead offered to keep me on as a freelancer, working 12 hours per week, at my pace and only doing the aspects of my previous role that I truly enjoyed doing.

Looking back, I realize that the outcome of this couldn't have worked out any better for me. Sometimes I feel so lucky because of it, but then again,

I really don't like the meaning of the word 'lucky', as I think it It cheapens a lot of hard work I've done. So instead I remind myself that I was given this opportunity because I had earned it.


Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

I have always been an avid documenter of life and such. I've always kept a diary from a young age, I have a passion for writing handwritten letters to my loved ones, and I have had a personal blog since 2010, but the short answer is truthfully no.

I did not study journalism after school, instead I began working in a general office administration role, which I was in for 4 years. All I can remember from those days is feeling like I was leading two lives.

During 9-to-5 I would be at work, and every other minute outside that, I would be writing or blogging. My passion only grew and grew from there, as I took on work experience in the industry, volunteered to write for certain publications for free, and played around with some personal projects.

By then, I would also apply for jobs that I wanted and didn't feel as though I was fully qualified for.

Whilst in the beginning I didn't hear back from anyone, I persisted until I did. This was where a small role, turned into a medium role, and before I knew it, I had a couple of years of paid experience under my belt, which allowed me to reach for the stars - and that I did.


What advice would you give to someone looking to create a career as a freelance writer?

I love this question because I really love to pass on my one tip, which I swear by.

Here goes; although writing is a creative field, you need to match your creativity with professionalism. You can be the best writer out there, but if you can't correctly formulate an email, or manage your time effectively, then creativity simply won't cut it. Too often I come across other creatives that simply rely on their passion, but don't back it up with a business mind.

Think about it, for every employer or client you write for, there's a business behind that. There's so much more to the work than the actual writing part, like negotiating rates, meeting deadlines, or chasing invoices - the boring but very necessary stuff.

Even writing a CV or cover letter requires you to speak or write with a business mindset, rather than a creative one, so before you even get the gig, this rule applies.

Keeping a balance of both will all contribute to being a successful freelancer, one that people will want to work with over and over again.


I’m obsessed with the van you decorated to travel around in - how do you find living in such a small space?

Whilst living in our motorhome has its challenges - like a kitchen with practically no bench space or having very limited space for privacy, there is nothing quite like it.

Yes it's small, but often we would find ourselves parked in the most beautiful wide open spaces, which makes me feel a unique sense of freedom that I would otherwise not get at home, however big it may be.

It's also very different from road tripping by say a rented car and staying in hotels, instead we get to feel like we have a home with us wherever we go.


What has been the biggest personal transformation / shift in perspective since beginning your big adventure?

For me, my goal has always been to take a big step back from work. I've gone from working about 60 hours per week, to working 12 hours per week, at the most and at my own pace.

Stepping away from the traditional norms of my working life has given me the space to breath both physically and emotionally.

My outlook has changed in the sense that I am not jolting out of bed each day, struck by panic as to what may be on my to-do list that day. Back home, it came to a point where I was so sick from anxiety that I was not sleeping or eating well - at times I wouldn't even be able to leave the house on the days where I wasn't working.

But now, 'home' for us changes from day to day on the road, so I have no choice but to step out of my comfort zone and face my anxiety head on.

Of course I'll have to go back to working full time at some point, but for now, I'm taking this phase of my life and running with it. I have no doubt that it will have benefited my mental health in the long run.


Do you have a morning routine or any rituals that set you up for success each day?

I have an app I use every single day called 'Calm', every morning I make a point to do a quick breathing exercise and I also listen to the sound of rain on this app whenever my anxiety creeps in.

I tend to be my best self when I make a point to better my mental health, so this really does need to come first.


Favorite or affirmation quote?

I love this quote by Charles Bukowski, “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.”


Best advice that you’ve ever been given?

Quality over quantity, always. This applies to almost everything in life; how your time is spent, the work that you do, the friendships or relationships that you keep, and the experiences you have.


Connect with Pauline and follow along her adventures!

Ep#5 :: Cassie Mendoza Jones :: The Energetics of Success & Shifting Perspectives on Failure to Reinvent your Life


Welcome to Episode #5 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today I’m super excited to be chatting with Cassie Mendoza-Jones.

Cassie is the bestselling author of You Are Enough and It’s All Good; she’s also a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer and speaker.

She works with women, and with entrepreneurs, healers, coaches and creatives who are driven, devoted and honouring their dreams, and who want to become more powerfully aligned to their bigger vision, clear away perfectionism, procrastination and overwhelm, and create their own version of a beautiful and aligned business and life.


Through her writing, books, online courses, workshops and private sessions, she supports women in getting clear on their next steps, working with their feminine energies, tuning into ease and flow, and increasing their clarity, confidence and energy.

In this episode we talk about entrepreneurship ultimately being the biggest journey of self-development you will have and why strategy can only make up part of your success.


We dive into the energetics behind your business and why we need both hustle and flow to make it work. And we talk about the expectations we place on ourselves and how we can make some simple shifts in our perspective to let go of any attachments we’re holding onto.


Cassie also shares the important lessons we can learn from failure and how they can propel us forward instead of leaving us remaining stuck.

if you’ve ever experienced a so-called failure in your life; felt stuck; or overcome by resistance and not sure how to move forward, I know you’re going to loved this episode!

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode:

Grab your copy of It's All Good

In this episode we mention...

Special offer for the Dreams for Breakfast tribe:

Cassie has generously offered 15% off her Love What You Create Workshop.

To take up this amazing offer enter the code: dreams at checkout!

Offer valid until 1 January 2018.


How to Get Unstuck With Life Flowing In The Right Direction Again


This month 6 years ago marks the anniversary of my whole world as I knew it, falling apart.

My marriage was over and somewhere in between making plans for Christmas and the holidays, I was packing up my life and preparing to move back in with my parents.

At 31 years old this was a hard thing to swallow.

I lost a lot of money on the house we bought and renovated, but then had to sell quickly.

So not only was I in massive amounts of debt; the thought of being single and starting everything over again was too much to bear.

I felt incredibly lost, and had no clue what to do. I was caught in the middle of my own mess, with no idea how to climb out of it.

What saved me and helped me getting unstuck was shifting my perspective and taking bold action, well and truly out of my comfort zone.

It wasn't so long after that made the decision to enroll in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching program - a decision that pretty much transformed my entire life.

It was through this program I was introduced to yoga and meditation for the first time - both of which shone a light on how disconnected I had become to myself.

As I slowly started to rebuild my life over the next few years, I found myself stuck many times - often when I had to make a big decision, or was at a major crossroads where the outcome of my life could turn out wildly differently, depending on whatever decision I made.

During these times, what I needed the most was to create space and tune into what my inner voice was guiding me towards.

When we find ourselves at these crossroads in our life, we have two choices - 

We can either choose to move forward (despite there being less than perfect conditions); or stay exactly where we are.

But what happens when we don’t actually know what that next step should be, or even what it looks like?

We find ourselves caught in a time trap between a situation we don’t want to be in; or taking some wild leap forward into unchartered territory with zero guarantees.

I hate to think about how much time I’ve wasted spinning my wheels, not sure of my next move and desperate for any kind of sign or nudge toward what I should be doing.

But here’s the thing: choosing to remain stuck (and yes, it is a choice) is a choice in itself.

The only way to get ourselves unstuck is to take some kind of action.

Any kind of action.

Taking action is simply a way to get the energy flowing again so we can move out of whatever headspace we’re beholden to.

Whenever I’m not sure of my next steps, I know I need to shift my perspective and start thinking differently about the situation.

So today I want to share with you 5 simple ways to get unstuck right now and get your life flowing again in the right direction.

The point is not to necessarily have all the answers or have it figured out - it is more about you intentionally setting the wheels of your life in motion to make your next best move and trusting in the process that you’ll be able to figure it out along the way.


1. Get moving.

Energetically speaking, moving our bodies and getting our blood pumping and endorphins flowing is the best way to get ourselves out of a slump.

It can take a lot of motivation to get going, but once you’re out there, with the air against your skin, the smell of nature; feeling into your body and getting a sense of the actual strength that lies within - you feel pretty unstoppable.

I have my best ideas when I’m running and always come back feeling energized, inspired and so much more confident in myself - and most importantly - what I’m capable of.

Yoga is another incredible way to shift the energy in our bodies and providing us an entirely new perspective. Regular practice has played a transformative role in my life over the past 12 months - even leading me to complete my RYT 200 hour teacher training (I will share more about this in a future post!).

2. Journal it out.

I have to be honest that despite my love of pretty planners and notebooks, I’ve never really been into the practice of journaling and writing down my thoughts.

But I do love writing. Back in the day, my blog became my journal of sorts and I used it to find solace from the thoughts swirling around in my head and make sense of what was unfolding in my life.

Only more recently have I found journaling to be incredibly therapeutic. I find it works best when I start with thought-provoking question that I ask myself and then I just write down everything that comes to mind as I feel into these questions and really ask myself what I think about a situation.

Here are a few of my favorite questions -

  • If you had a choice, what would you do?

  • What options are there?

  • What do you think is best?

  • What do you really want?

  • What would give you the most joy?

3. Break out of your comfort zone.

Taking bold action is probably the biggest and most important thing you can do to get out of your rut.


Because this kind of action not only fuels us with adrenaline and excitement into doing something so bold, but also because following any kind of leap, immediately afterwards we feel amazing and incredibly empowered that we were able to actually do it - and do it well.

It is through these bold actions we gain confidence within ourselves and our abilities - how will we ever know what we’re truly capable of if we never take the risk to try?

It is true - taking a risk like this requires bravery and a whole lot of courage, but from my own experience whenever I’ve found this inner strength, I’ve always been rewarded from the outcomes, no matter how small (or big for that matter!).

What is something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while now, but have never found the courage to take action on?

What is the best thing that could happen if you decided to take the leap? What is the worst thing that could happen?

Have faith in yourself that you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way.

4. Go somewhere you’ve never been.

About 10 months after I had separated from my husband, I planned a one month trip of solo travel to Europe. I spent two weeks traveling around Spain, Portugal and Morocco, before spending a week in both London and Paris. It was an incredible trip - not only for the amazing places I visited and people I met along the way, but the newfound confidence in myself that I was able to do this kind of travel on my own - it was a massive leap and forced me well out of my comfort zone.

Not only did it fuel with me confidence; the time away from everything familiar gave me an entirely new perspective on my life; areas I knew I needed to address and prompted some major changes on my return.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you need to plan a big trip to give you this shift in perspective - not at all.

It may just be that you explore a new part in your city you’ve never been before; or take a weekend to go away camping and be in nature; or perhaps even a day trip to explore a nearby town or city you’ve always wanted to visit.

Being in the same place day in and day out means so much of what we do each day is made up of habits. The key to shifting our perspective relies on us breaking out of our daily routine and the habitual trends in our life to go somewhere and experience something entirely new.

It’s amazing how much we can shift our energy simply from getting out of the mundane and creating new experiences that provide us with new insights into ourselves and how we may look at situations in a new light.

5. Be present with yourself.

It is super easy to choose to numb out whatever pain we’re in with our vice of choice; but the problem with this is that no matter which way you look at it - the situation hasn’t changed and your well-being or your wallet is likely worse off.

As Pema Chödrön said; “The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.”

...And this practice (it is absolutely a practice) means we need to create the space in our inner world to listen to what our soul is trying to tell us.

Even if it is for just 5 minutes a day where you carve out some time to sit with your thoughts with zero distractions - no phone, no computer, or television.

Just you simply sitting quietly with your thoughts.

It may help to ask yourself a question - “what do  I most need to learn right now?” or “how can I look at this situation in a new light?”.

The answers we seek come to us when we are quiet enough to listen and pay attention.

It may not even be a direct answer - it may be a physical response you feel when you think about a particular situation, that gives you the peace and clarity about a decision you need to make.

The clarity and answers we seek are always within. We just need to pay close enough attention to the subtle nudges and guidance we are given.

Be gentle on yourself during this time with lots of self-care and soul-nourishing love - there is no rush. Simply trust where you are right now is absolutely perfect.


Rachel x

Ep#4 :: Shannon Kaiser, Experiments in Self-Love to Transform Your Life & Happiness


Welcome to episode #4 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast! Today I’m super excited to be chatting with the amazing Shannon Kaiser.

Shannon is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Self-Love Experiment and author of three other bestselling books about happiness, including Adventures for Your Soul, and Find Your Happy Daily Mantras.

She appears regularly as a happiness expert on ABC’s AM North West and Huffington Post Live morning shows, and she’s a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul.

 Her work has been recognized in media outlets across the globe including Australian Vogue and Women’s Health; and she’s been named among the Top 100 women to watch in wellness by Mind Body Green.

In this episode we talk about the misconceptions about what self-love actually is, along with Shannon’s personal journey and how the book came about (..... it’s not what you actually think!); we talk about the importance of showing up for yourself and why for some of us, we have so much trouble doing this for ourselves ….and how we can make subtle shifts to transform our life and personal happiness….


I’ve been a fan of Shannon’s work for a while now, so it was a true honor to have the opportunity to speak with her on a topic that is incredibly close to my heart.

There is so much goodness in this episode and I hope it leaves you feeling inspired to take on your own self-love experiment..

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode:

Get your copy of the Self-Love experiment here.


5 Important Questions To Discover Your Purpose


One question I hear all the time is 'how do you discover your passion and purpose?'

I used to often ask this question myself and it wasn’t until I worked out how passion and purpose work together that it started to click and make sense to me.

During my 20’s I worked in a lot of jobs that I wasn’t ‘passionate’ about - I was simply going through the motions and taking home money each week for me to live on.

Was I living my purpose?

No way. I was simply existing.

It was during this time that I had a craving for more - a sense of fulfillment that I was making a difference in the world and helping people.

This is one of the reasons my work as a coach, along with my blog and podcast, are such a big part of my life - I get to do something I am wildly passionate about - which is writing and creating content - as well as supporting and empowering women on a similar journey to live a life that fuels them with purpose.

So How Exactly Do You Discover Your Passion And Live in Alignment with Your Purpose?

I can tell you for sure, it is not some magical ‘aha’ moment that you realize what it is supposed to be.

For most people and myself included, I only discovered what my passion and purpose were after a lot of trial and error and experimenting with many different things.

Your passion is simply doing what you love.

What you most love to do with your time; the things you lose yourself in and the things you do where several hours have gone by and you don’t even notice.

Your purpose is being able to translate your passion into something that serves others.

So living your purpose simply is being of service to others in a meaningful and authentic way.

I think it’s important to note that you don’t necessarily need to be 'earning your living' from your passion and purpose. 

Although it may be nice, perhaps it’s something that you’re working towards or perhaps you are completely happy with your current work situation and you are expressing your passion in a side-project or hustle that is incredibly fulfilling for you.

There is no right or wrong with how you choose to live your version of this, it is whatever feels right for you and importantly - what works for you and your current circumstances.

Why Does Having A Purpose Matter?

Having a clear purpose can help in several ways, apart from giving you a deep sense of fulfillment it can also help you with:

  • Making better decisions.
  • Improving your discipline.
  • Giving you clarity on your goals.
  • Motivating you to achieve your goals.
  • Improving your relationships.
  • Giving your life meaning, knowing you are contributing to make the world a better place.

Above all having a purpose in your life supports your overall happiness and well-being.

There has been loads of research into the science behind happiness, and the results show time and time again that the happiest people in the world are driven by a greater purpose outside of themselves, where  they are being of service in the world.

Here’s the truth: the heart of your purpose in life stems from the heart of who you ARE.

The things that you are most interested in, love to do, receive thanks for and make you happy, are all BIG clues as to where your real purpose may lie.

It’s also important to note that your purpose doesn’t need to be just one thing and it may end up evolving over time - this is completely normal! 

So don’t feel like you need to box yourself in by choosing one purpose over another.

Today, I wanted to share with you 5 questions to help guide you on a path of self-inquiry to uncover your passion and lead you to your purpose.

Spend some time journalling your responses and see what comes up for you.

Remember there is no right or wrong here, it’s just an opportunity to see what comes up for you and help you recognize any common threads.

  1. What makes you happiest in life?
  2. What do people thank you and compliment you for?
  3. What are you naturally curious about?
  4. What is important to you? What do you stand for?
  5. If you were to change 3 things in the world for the greater good, what would they be?

I’ve also created a FREE eBook Life On Purpose for you to dive deeper into this- grab yours below!

I’d love you to share in the comments - what does it mean to you to be living your life on purpose?

Rachel x

3 Ways to Quieten your Inner Critic


We all have it. That pesky little voice inside our head that interjects at the times we are on the verge of something incredibly exciting - 

“who are you to create that... everyone will laugh at you and think you’re completely crazy?!” 

“why on earth would you think that is a good idea??!"

I’m betting you’ve also been letting this voice - AKA your inner critic - run the show for far too long.

We put ourselves under so much pressure battling with our inner critic because we internalize everything.

Our brains are constantly working on overdrive - processing, ruminating and deliberating over even the smallest of decisions.

You know the story. You have an amazing idea and you know you’ve got the goods to make it happen. But just as quickly as that bolt of inspiration strikes, your inner critic launches into a compelling argument as to why it absolutely won’t work and why you need to ditch the idea stat.

And so it goes…You’ve talked yourself out of your idea and don’t move forward. 

You’re still here. Dreaming about that life you’ve been so desperate to create, but find yourself stuck in the hamster wheel going round and around, failing to move forward.

Here’s the thing - as humans, our brains are hardwired to warn us when we are in danger. Humans haven’t evolved much from our caveman days when this “feature" was extremely useful to warn us when a lion was approaching or any other situation where our safety was threatened.

These days, we’re privileged to be living in far more civilized times, which means it is essential for our future success to master the art of being able to determine when that little voice actually has merit and when we need to press on, regardless.

Today, I’m sharing 3 simple strategies to help quieten your inner critic and allow you to get out of your head and back into alignment with your biggest desires - so you can finally get off that hamster wheel once and for all.

Raise your awareness.

When we start paying very close attention to this negative voice in our head, we can begin to connect the dots and actually label this as being our ‘inner critic’ or any other name you want to use to identify it with (inner mean girl is another good one!)

Try this: give your inner critic a name and label her so that when she comes out to rain on your parade, you can clearly identify her voice and call B.S, recognizing this little voice is not really a reflection of your highest self at all.

Once you’ve labeled it and called it out, you’ve suddenly put yourself back in the drivers seat and can clearly see this pesky, opinionated voice doesn't have anything over you at all!

Acknowledge it.

By simply acknowledging our inner critic when she shows up we automatically place ourselves in a position of power by refusing to buy into her drama and unhelpful advice.

Try this next time that voice pipes in: acknowledge it and simply say ‘thank you for your opinion and your advice, but I am choosing to ignore you and carry on regardless”. 

The more aligned we are with our deepest desires, the more confident we become in acknowledging this voice and choosing not to take it’s opinion on board. 

Make it your priority to strengthen your vision so you are super clear on exactly what it is that you want to create and achieve. Spend some time in your own thoughts - journalling, mediating, taking long baths, or simply spending time in nature to get clear on exactly what success looks like to you.

Return to the present.

We often spend time playing out scenarios in our mind and future-tripping on what might be if we take certain paths of action, but we actually achieve nothing when we do this and end up feeling exhausted after constantly going over the same things in our minds, over and over again.

Try this: Bring your attention back to this very moment. Focus on your breath and connect with your inner most self. Place your hand on your belly and notice the air flowing in and out of your nostrils. Feel your belly rising and falling with each in-breath and out-breath you take. Sit with this for the next few minutes. Each time your mind wanders, return to your breath.

By simply tuning in to the present we have the power to essentially retrain our mind to connect with our highest self - the self that is guiding us to the very best decisions that we need to make about choices, decisions and things that are truly meant for us.

Through this clarity we open ourselves up to connecting with our authentic self - the self that knows exactly what is best for us and through this we can make confident decisions and take action accordingly.

Learning to quieten our inner critic is a skill that needs mastering. Will that voice ever disappear entirely? The answer is no. But through this self-mastery we can begin to quit letting this voice limit us in taking action towards those dreams and big ideas that we want to turn into reality.

I’d love to know your thoughts - does your inner critic stop you from achieving the things you want most? How would your life be different if you stopped letting your inner critic get in the way?

Ep#3 :: Lauren Hung, The Blackline :: Following Your Joy to Create Life in Alignment With Your Purpose


Welcome to episode #3 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast! Today I’m excited to be chatting with Lauren Hung, founder and creative director of The Blackline.

Lauren is a self-taught calligrapher and hand letterer from Sydney, Australia. With a background in fashion design and journalism, Lauren combined her two interests in March 2014 when she launched The Blackline by Lauren.


What began as a soul-saving side hustle scribbling motivational quotes, has now become her full time job as she executes commissioned work for international & national luxury and commercial brands as well as private clients.

Her portfolio spans the commercial sector, wedding industry and includes tattoos, walls murals, a book and essentially anything else that can be written.


In this episode I talk to Lauren about the sparks she followed that led her to creating the Blackline and why she made the very sudden decision to leave her full time job and pursue her business full time.


We talk about the importance of creating your own opportunities in your business and how these can lead to incredible (and unexpected) things.

Lauren also shares what she believes to be the most important thing you need to embark on your entrepreneurial path.

Listen to the full episode:


Ep#2 :: Dr Rebecca Ray :: Finding Happiness & Purpose & Having the Courage to Live it


Welcome to Episode #2 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast! Today I’m super honored to be chatting with Dr Rebecca Ray.

Rebecca is a Writer, Speaker, and Clinical Psychologist. Her message centers on the task of living bravely in the truth of our experiences as finders and seekers of inspiration and connection. She is also the author Happi Habits, an e-program designed to boost well-being.

You will find Beck on Instagram sharing with her community about finding courage and living inspired, expansive lives.

Her first book, You Can Be Happy: 35 Powerful Habits for Personal Growth and Well-Being, hits the shelves in April 2018.

In this episode we dive into what the true measures of happiness are and the key areas we need to focus on to create a life of fulfillment and purpose.


We also dive into what the biggest barriers are to creating a life aligned with your purpose in the world and how we can build the resilience and courage we need to step up and create the life we desire.

I know you’re going to love the wisdom Beck shares in this episode!

Listen to the full episode:

Beck has generously gifted her Manifesto for Brave Living which you can download here.

Ep#1 :: Welcome to the Dreams for Breakfast Podcast, with Rachel Gadiel


Welcome to the very first episode of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast! 

In this episode I share my inspiration and motivation for creating the podcast and also share with you who I am and how I got here.

I spent most of my 20’s in the wrong relationships; the wrong jobs and was extremely disconnected from myself.

I numbed any subtle nudges from my inner voice with everything you can imagine - a lot of partying, a huge credit card debt with a closet full of designer clothes to show for it.

As I approached my 30th birthday I looked around and began to question everything about my life. I was constantly searching for happiness, but never quite could put my finger on what I was looking for exactly.

Instead of feeling happy and successful, despite my 6 figure income; a beautiful home; a fabulous collection of bags; I felt frustrated, incredibly unfulfilled and deeply unhappy.

It was the decision to start a blog back in 2009 that was the catalyst for where I am today. Discovering the world of blogging opened up a world of possibility to me. I didn’t even know it was possible to have a career and a life doing something that you actually love.

Through blogging I discovered my love of writing and reconnected with parts of myself I didn’t even know existed;

This, along with the relationships I formed with likeminded people and the community I was part of - fueled me with with purpose.


Listen to the full episode:

Along the way, I found the courage to leave my cubicle career and start freelancing. I launched my first business and became a Certified Health Coach where I empowered women on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

This was what happiness looked like and felt like. I loved my life; my work and life loved me back.

It wasn’t until the beginning of 2017 after coming face to face with some significant challenges and obstacles on my entrepreneurial journey that I became incredibly fascinated by the concept of happiness once again.

I could not understand, despite there being so many wonderful things I had in my life - I was allowing myself to be so consumed by the one thing that wasn’t flowing for me - my business.

After diving head first into research and the more scientific schools of thought on what actually makes people happy; it became abundantly clear that the happiest people in the world have a very clear sense of purpose on why they are here and use their best strengths in a way that not only serves others, but in a way that allows them to create the income and impact they desire.

And that’s when it all began to make sense to me.

The reason I was letting these obstacles and challenges get in the way of my happiness was because my business is not just how I pay my bills. It is so, so much more than that - it is a reflection of my creativity, my gifts and how I am of service in the world - it is my purpose.

Without it thriving and flowing in a way that served me and allowed me to use my strengths to be of service to others, I was a hot mess.

It was this revelation that led me to creating Dreams for Breakfast.

With its roots firmly anchored in community, connection and creativity, Dreams For Breakfast has been intentionally created for purpose-driven women who refuse to settle and are ready to build a life where their income and impact is in alignment with their greatest strengths and their purpose in the world.

Through this podcast; my one-on-one mentorship and workshops; I am committed to empowering YOU to dream big and play bigger; to answer your soul’s calling; step up into the leadership role you were destined for; and create an abundant life of freedom, fulfillment and a deep sense of purpose in the world.

If you’ve ever asked the question - 'who am I?; 
why am I here?; what is the point of all of this?' - then you're in the right place.


My mission is to help you transform the relationship with yourself; uncover your biggest strengths and help connect the dots so you can be of service in the world to create life beyond your wildest dreams.

Things are about to get really good….I cannot wait to share this journey with you.

3 Tools to Help Identify Your Best Strengths


Can I be completely honest for a moment? Running a business is hard. Way more challenging than I ever thought it would be.

Is it worth it? Heck yes. 

But its taken me a while and a few (read: many) detours to land in a place where I feel like things are starting to flow.

Want to know the single biggest thing to impact my success?

Playing to my strengths.

But what if we’re not 100% sure what we’re *really* good at? Or how the heck we can make sense of understanding our strengths, and then intentionally transitioning into a direction that fits?

Sure, we know we have certain qualities that make us unique, but how can we translate these into a way that we can serve others in a deeply fulfilling way?

When we are empowered with the knowledge of our greatest strengths, we can apply it to making better, more informed decisions; we gain greater clarity on areas that we need to work on; or we can use it as a way to help propel us forward and undertake new challenges that we’d secretly always wanted to do but didn’t feel fully confident in moving forward with.

Today I wanted to share 3 of my favorite tools that can help us to uncover layers of ourselves and get to the core of who we really are. 

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

One of my favorite tools in helping uncover our biggest strengths and how we interact with the world is the Myers Briggs personality test (MBTI). 

The MBTI has 16 different personality types, each with varying characteristics which help clarify how people perceive the world around them and make decisions.

Its based on the typological theory proposed by Carl Jung, who speculated there are four main psychological functions that describe how humans interact with the world - through sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking - and that one of these four is dominant in each of us, most of the time.

I remember the first time I took the test - it was during my Health Coaching studies back in 2014 and I clearly remember what a revelation it was to find out that I was an introvert! (I’m an INFJ).

My introvert nature has shown up in my business countless times - specifically how I run my business and what I need in order to thrive. 

I’ve learned that too much time spent on social media is incredibly draining and completely zaps my energy. I’ve learned that I don’t do ‘networking’ very well (or at least to extravert standards). On the other hand, I’ve learned how to best navigate this in order to build beautiful relationships with my fellow boss babes as well as my clients.

I’ve also learned that my introvert tendencies lend themselves super well to one-on-one coaching; writing and creating content - all things naturally excel in! So this is what I now focus on in my business and I spend far less time trying to produce average results in things that don’t play to my strengths.

Take the MBTI test here.

There is also a free version of the test (16 personality types), although it is not an official MBTI from what I can understand the results are still fairly accurate.

Gallup Strengths Finder

The Gallup Strengths Finder test is a series of questions that are designed to show us what our greatest talents are. Through the questioning, it uncovers what we are naturally good at and provides customized results identifying how we can turn our natural talents into strengths.

The customized reports highlights your top 5 strengths and provide detailed insights on how we can play to these to further our life and our career.  There is also a fun video for each strength which goes into more depth on how to apply these strengths.

I took this test a couple of years ago and while I wasn’t overly surprised by the results, they definitely helped to confirm areas that I am strong in and I now make a point of referencing these results whenever I am weighing up a decision or how to move forward with a project.

Knowing our strengths places us in a great amount of power and being able to use these insights and play to our strengths is a great way to build confidence and gain clarity on how to move forward and take our next best step.

The test costs $15 but you have lifetime access to your account and can access or download the reports at any time.

Riso—Hudson Ennengram Type Indicator

The Riso-Hudson Ennegram Type Indicator test (or RHETI) is a scientifically validated, forced-choice personality test with 144 paired statements which takes about 40 minutes to complete.

The RHETI produces a full personality profile across the nine different personality types. This provides a unique portrait indicating the relative strengths and weaknesses of the nine types within your overall personality.

The RHETI results are available in a PDF format and inclde your scores for all nine types in a full-spectrum profile, as well as the Expanded Type Descriptions (of over 2,500 words each) for your top three scores. 

The test costs $12; but there is also a free version (not affiliated with the official RHETI) you can take which has only 38 questions.

What I love about the Ennegram test is that it highlights our individual motivations, fears, and desires which are hugely insightful and these have helped me gain clarity on why I need certain things to feel fulfilled and accomplished.

I also found it helpful in highlighting fears and weaknesses - which are areas I need to work on or at least be aware of. I’ve only taken the free version, but I still found this to be incredibly accurate.

If you’ve been going around in circles and not getting the results you’re after ask - 

  • What strengths of yours aren’t being fully developed right now? 
  • How much freedom is it costing you?
  • How can you develop your strengths even more in your business?
  • How can you turn your strengths into your biggest opportunity?

I've also created a FREE Playbook for you to dig deeper; get super clear on your biggest strengths and how you can use these to propel you forward and create the impact you desire!

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To taking your next best step,

Rachel x