3 Month MENTORSHIP for Purpose-driven Women


I see you, with your big heart and your even bigger dreams; and I know this is your time.
You’re finally ready to step into your worth.


Create. Bloom. Grow is my one-on-one mentorship program intentionally designed to support my fellow creatives uncover your unique strengths and align these with your purpose in the world. 


My mission is helping you transform the relationship with yourself; uncover your biggest strengths and help connect the dots so you can be of service in the world to create life beyond your wildest dreams.

Over 3 months you’ll embark on a transformational journey back to the core essence of YOU and create the grandest vision of your life.

You’ll get crystal clear on your core values, passions and strengths and define your success roadmap, busting right through the fear, overwhelm and confusion that’s getting in your way and stopping you from getting exactly what you want.


  • ALIGNED and connected with your mission and fueled with PURPOSE with the momentum to propel you into your next level of success.

  • EMPOWERED with the right tools and strategies to support you leaping into the next chapter of your life.

  • Fueled with CONFIDENCE and excited about your future impact in the world.

  • Bursting with ENERGY to create the impact and income you desire as you reap the rewards of your hard work.

  • FREE to finally be doing the work that lights you up, aligns with your best strengths and leaves you with the energy to feel BALANCED and devote to the other areas of your life.


Over the course of 12 weeks, we’ll work together to -

  • Uncover your best strengths and align these with how you can be of service in the world (and get paid for doing what you love!)

  • Get crystal clear on how you want to show up in the world.

  • Create strategies for building resilience to obstacles and challenges that come your way.

  • Build an unshakable self-belief so you’ll be fueled with the confidence to take action on your biggest goals!

  • Develop practices for overcoming your fears.

  • Give resistance the flick for good! {hello procrastination, self-sabotage and negative thinking}.

By the end of our time together you will take on an entirely new perspective of your life and finally have the freedom, deep sense fulfillment and purpose you are craving right now.

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Wake up every morning with a mission and jump out of bed, excited about what the day holds for you.

  • Feel aligned with your soul’s deepest desires and bursting with joy that you can’t wait to share with the world.

  • Have clarity and direction on where you’re going - tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.

  • Be fueled with confidence and ready to take bold action to make it happen!

  • Be truly at peace with who you are and no longer let fear have any power of you or your destiny.


I am committed to empowering YOU to dream big and play bigger; to answer your soul’s calling; step up into the leadership role you were destined for; and create an abundant life of freedom, fulfillment and a deep sense of purpose in the world.

 If you’ve ever asked the question - who am I?; why am I here?; what is the point of all of this? - then this program is for you.

Ready to feel excited, energized & fueled with purpose?


I came to Rachel during a period of transformation in both my personal life and career. She held space for me to be honest and vulnerable and offered encouragement every step of the way.

After our first session, I felt so much clarity and was able to put in place daily self-care practices. During our session, we also developed a plan and roadmap for the future which has given me direction and focus.

She’s one of the most kind-hearted and supportive people you will ever meet and I’m grateful to not only call her my coach but a friend.


My goal is helping you reach your highest potential. I will be your guide as you create, bloom and grow a lifestyle where your income and impact is in alignment with your greatest strengths and your purpose in the world.

This is your time and you’re ready to step into your worth.

The details


    • 1 x 75 minute intensive to kick-start the program.

    • 5 x fortnightly 60 minute sessions (held over Skype).

    • Pre-Coaching Workbook to complete prior to starting the program.

    • Priority email support in between sessions.


    • 3 x monthly installments of $347USD OR

    • 1 x payment of $999.

    I offer a 30 minute complimentary call to see if we’re a good fit - let’s make this happen!




    If you're ready to reinvent your life, your impact and your income then this program is for you.