I'm Rachel — a Career Coach, Hypnotherapist and multi-passionate creative who believes your *many* talents are a gift, not a curse.

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Hey there new friend!

Your                                 Career Starts Here.

I see you, struggling the way I did, feeling stuck and frustrated on how to combine your multiple interests and pursuits into a viable path.

I see you, feeling weighed down and wishing away your numerous talents, believing it would be *so much easier* if you could just settle on one path.

I see you pushing aside your big ideas and dreams, desperately trying to tell yourself they aren’t possible.

I see the pain and defeat of trying to fit yourself into a box that simply doesn’t fit and how unbelievably sad that makes you. 



I’m guessing you’re here because deep down, you know you’re not living up to your potential, and you know it’s time to unleash your brilliance and design a life and career you’re truly excited about.

Here's the thing: in order to find your path, you'll need to let go of the limitations and the beliefs that are holding you back, so you can ditch the rules and chart your own course - one that's aligned with your magical, multi-passionate self.

Consider this your permission slip to do things differently.

Imagine being able to carve out a career path completely unique to you, that creates the income and impact you’ve been dreaming about?

Imagine having the freedom to explore ALL of your interests and pursue your passions without needing to choose!

I’m here to empower my fellow creative rebels to  embrace your many talents and design an unconventional career path you're obsessed with.

Through my blog I discovered my love of writing; my passion for personal growth and unearthed my eye for design. 

Over the years, I built up an entirely new skill set that eventually enabled me to quit my corporate career and begin freelancing.

Without even knowing it, I had somehow become a creative generalist and could effortlessly transition into whatever role was needed, whether it was a website designer, copywriter, PR person, social media manager or digital strategist.

Outside of my freelancing career, I *always* have several creative projects on the go.

Over the years I’ve launched a self-care ecommerce brand; created my own candle range; designed my own range of planners; become a yoga teacher; clinical hypnotherapist; a certified career coach; taught hundreds of students digital marketing and blogging; renovated my house and most recently have launched and run a highly successful Airbnb, reaching super host status within 4 months!

It’s safe to say that when people ask “what do you do?” I get filled with dread because trying to nail it down to one thing is impossible - I want to do everything!

For a long time, I had thought there was something really wrong with me because whenever I followed my curiosity I would initially become so enthralled in whatever I was pursuing, but after I had learned everything there was to know, I was ready to move onto something else.

Turns out, there’s nothing wrong with me after all - I am multi-passionate! AKA a renaissance person; scanner, multi-potentialite or creative generalist.

And I definitely don’t fit into society’s standard of choosing a single specialist career forever! 

And because you’re here, I’m guessing you don’t either?

Most career coaches will try and get you to narrow down your skills, interests and passions into one path, but as a multi-passionate, I know that approach doesn’t work for everyone - including you! 

I will show you how to create a viable path that allows you to pursue your multiple interests, as well as providing you with the income and impact you’ve been dreaming about. 

If you’re ready to quit spinning your wheels and settling for a career path that doesn’t align with your true self, I’m here to help, so you can finally ditch the rules, chart your own course and bring your dreams to life.

JUST        FUN...

Here’s what I know for sure: you don’t get in life what you wish for. 

You get what you GO FOR. Think of me as your new BFF for unlocking the power of your mind so you can bloom into the best version of YOU.



I’m a homebody, and much prefer staying in than going out. My idea of heaven is burning a deliciously scented candle while curling up with a good book.

current obsession:

Human Design

I'm most definitely an introvert - an INFJ and a 2/4 Projector in human design. I'm very much like my Hermit / Opportunist profile and believe it's a powerful tool to help deepen your self awareness and make energetically aligned decisions.

I'm a rebel at


I've learned the hard way that following someone else's path is the fast track to living a miserable life and that worrying about what other people think is an instant dream killer. Starting over and creating a life in alignment with your true self is HARD, but oh so worth it.



Cuddles with Rosie; brewing a cup of matcha tea; meditation; mindset alignment and writing down my daily goals in my Morning Ritual journal; reading for 30 minutes, followed by a sweaty workout!


Rachel Gadiel is a Career Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist empowering multi-passionate creatives who are ready for change, to unlock their purpose and potential so they can design their dreamiest life and career - on their own terms. 

With over 15 years working in digital marketing for iconic brands including Calm, (Apple’s 2017 App of the Year), American Express, Nestle and Dove, Rachel blends strategic insight with intuitive coaching and artistic flair to help passionate humans who are ready to pivot into the next phase of their career, fast-track their success and bring their wildest dreams to life.

Rachel holds a B.A in Marketing and a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy. She is a Certified Firework Career Coach; Life Coach through Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and NLP Practitioner.

When she’s not working with her amazing clients, you’ll likely find her learning something new, listening to 80’s music, sipping on dirty chai lattes and going for beach walks with her super cute Toy Cavoodle, Rosie.



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Helping multi-passionate creatives get unstuck, find their thing and design an unconventional career path they’re obsessed with.

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