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I’m Rachel - dreamer, yogi, hygge enthusiast, essential oil obsessed, introvert & all-round creative-type.

My mission is empowering you to find peace with yourself, so you can live in alignment with your purpose in the world.


Dreams for Breakfast is a modern field guide for wellness, entrepreneurship & personal growth, with the simple intention to fuel your happy.

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I believe that happiness is an inside job that no one else is responsible for, except ourselves.

I also believe that happiness is not a goal or a destination - it’s simply when our life and work is in alignment with our biggest strengths and greater purpose in the world - it's from this place we can show up being the most authentic version of ourselves.

This is not as simple as it sounds. 

Believe me, it's taken me years of self-inquiry and a whole lot of failures, obstacles and challenges along the way to work it out {and yes, I’m still on the journey!}.

But what I do know is that in order for us to show up as our best self and do what we were born to do, taking care of ourselves: body, mind and spirit, is essential.

Success, however you define it, begins from this place.

Here you’ll find inspiration and ideas covering wellness, entrepreneurship and personal growth all with the simple intention to fuel your happy.

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My story.


I started my first blog back in 2009 as a creative outlet while working full time in corporate marketing, at a time I was feeling incredibly unfulfilled in both my life and career.

I had grown up thinking that success looked like going to university; getting a 9-5 job; getting married; getting a mortgage…. I saw my life heading on this trajectory and was depressed at the very thought of it… I was burned out from working long hours and had no idea that it was possible to create a life and a career that I actually loved.

Blogging opened up a world of opportunity and gave me a glimpse into what was possible.

For the first time in a long time, I was fueled with purpose about having the freedom to create a life that not only looked good on the outside, but that was aligned with my strengths and doing what I loved.

Over the next few years I continued blogging; threw everything into getting retrained and following my passion for everything health and wellness.

Once I made the decision to change, things started to fall naturally into place.

I discovered meditation, yoga and committed to daily self-care rituals, slowly beginning to reconnect with myself. I regularly spent time in nature. I journaled. I read countless books on spirituality, personal development and got crystal clear on my values.

This newfound clarity, self-confidence & joy had a ripple effect & life became incredibly fun. I was thriving & life was flowing effortlessly in a way I had never known was possible.


In 2014 I got certified as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and at the same time, I was learning everything I could about starting an online business - taking courses and trainings, hiring coaches and basically absorbing everything I could to create my new reality.

Along the way, I met the man of my dreams; quit my full time job and began freelancing, helping other businesses with their digital strategies and building their brands online.

At the end of 2015, we packed up everything we owned and left our hometown, Sydney, Australia to chase our dream of living overseas.

We’re currently adventuring in San Francisco, California, where I’m super grateful to be surrounded by so many inspiring leaders in health and wellness. In 2017 I completed my RYT 200 hour yoga teaching training at Yoga Garden in San Francisco and studied to become a Life Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

My mission is empowering you to find peace with yourself, so you can live in alignment with your purpose in the world.

What I know for sure: there is no perfect time to start creating the life you've been dreaming about. It's instead making the decision you’re all in and then committing to taking the daily steps towards your epic vision.

Here you’ll find the tools, inspiration and soul-fueled guidance on making it happen.

Now is the time to say a big heck yes to redefining what your version of success looks like and having the courage to live it, on your own terms.

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Love yourself. Follow your bliss. Eat your Dreams for Breakfast.

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In case you were wondering….

  • My first blog was all about fashion and decor. I still am quite obsessed with both of these topics, but truth be told I believe style to be far more relevant than fashion. ‘Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal’.  {Fancy a peek? Here it is!}.
  • I’m very much an introvert {INFJ} and hygge enthusiast. Staying in is the new going out 😂
  • My biggest indulgences are essential oils, candles and books. Luxury to me is curling up with a good book while diffusing a chillaxed blend - my favorite is clary sage, lavender and roman chamomile {get your hands on your own here}.
  • I’m most at home by the ocean. I’m a water sign {Scorpio} and salt water fuels my soul.

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