Hey beautiful lady!

I know you're destined for something amazing. 

And in your heart, you know it too.

You are ready to quit settling for a life you know is not meant for you.

...And start building a life where your income and impact is in alignment with your biggest greatest strengths.

You are ready to step into your worth.



I believe...

  • We are all here for a reason and that within each of us lies a unique set of gifts that nobody else on the planet can do as good as we do.

  • When we're in alignment with our greatest strengths and natural abilities, we begin to live an abundant life of freedom, fulfillment, with a deep sense of purpose in the world.

This purpose and fulfillment will radiate throughout every aspect of your entire life.

You will... 

  • Wake up every morning with a mission and jump out of bed, excited about what the day holds for you.

  • Feel aligned with your soul’s deepest desires and bursting with joy that you can’t wait to share with the world.

  • Have clarity and direction on where you’re going - tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.

  • Your relationships will improve. No longer are you willing to settle for anything less than you deserve.

  • You can’t help but smile - there is too much good in life to be weighed down by negativity!


Through my blog; podcast; one-on-one mentorship and workshops; I am committed to empowering YOU to dream big and play bigger; to answer your soul’s calling; step up into the leadership role you were destined for; and create an abundant life of freedom, fulfillment and a deep sense of purpose in the world.

If you’ve ever asked the question - who am I?; why am I here?what is the point of all of this? - then you are in the right place.

My mission is helping you transform the relationship with yourself; uncover your biggest strengths and help connect the dots so you can be of service in the world to create life beyond your wildest dreams.

Keen to get started straight away?

I'd love to invite you to grab a copy of my FREE eBook: Life on Purpose, where you'll discover the 3 golden keys to unlocking your purpose.

My goal is for you to get up close and personal with yourself and the innermost workings of your heart and soul.

This is where you will find those juicy nuggets of wisdom that will provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to take your next best steps.

Inside you'll find 25 pages packed full of guidance, practical tools and wisdom to help you dig deep and get to the core of who you are.


Meet Rachel...

I spent most of my 20’s in the wrong relationships; the wrong jobs and was extremely disconnected from myself.

I numbed any subtle nudges from my inner voice with everything you can imagine - there was a lot of partying; I wracked up a huge credit card debt, and had a closet full of designer clothes to show for it.

But as I approached my 30th birthday, I looked around and began to question everything about my life. I was constantly searching for happiness, but never quite could put my finger on what I was looking for exactly.

Instead of feeling happy and successful, despite my 6 figure income; a beautiful home; and a fabulous collection of bags - I felt frustrated, incredibly unfulfilled and deeply unhappy.

It was the decision to start a blog back in 2009 that was the catalyst for where I am today. Discovering the world of blogging opened up a world of possibility to me. I didn’t even know it was possible to have a career and a life doing something that you actually love.

Through blogging I discovered my love of writing and reconnected with parts of myself I didn’t even know existed;

This, along with the relationships I formed with likeminded people and the community I was part of - fueled me with with purpose.



It wasn’t until the beginning of 2017 after coming face to face with some significant challenges and obstacles on my entrepreneurial journey, that I became incredibly fascinated by the concept of happiness once again.

I could not understand, despite there being so many wonderful things I had in my life - why I was allowing myself to be so consumed by the one thing that wasn’t flowing for me - my business.

After diving head first into research and the more scientific schools of thought on what actually makes people happy; it became abundantly clear that the happiest people in the world have a very clear sense of purpose on why they are here and use their best strengths in a way that not only serves others, but in a way that allows them to create the income and impact they desire.

And that’s when it all began to make sense to me.

The reason I was letting these obstacles and challenges get in the way of my happiness was because my business is not just how I pay my bills. It is so, so much more than that - it is a reflection of my creativity, my gifts and how I am of service in the world - it is my purpose.

Without it thriving and flowing in a way that served me and allowed me to use my strengths to be of service to others, I was a hot mess.

It was this revelation that led me to creating Dreams for Breakfast.

With its roots firmly anchored in community, connection and creativity, Dreams For Breakfast has been intentionally created for purpose-driven women who refuse to settle and are ready to build a life where their income and impact is in alignment with their greatest strengths and their purpose in the world.

...This is going to be fun; and I am so honored you are here!


Professional Bio

Rachel Gadiel is an Australian Life Coach, Writer and Speaker, currently based in San Francisco.

Through her blog, podcast, workshops and one-on-one mentorship, she empowers women to transform the relationship with themselves; uncover their biggest strengths and help connect the dots so they can be of service in the world to create life beyond their wildest dreams.

Rachel holds a B.A in Marketing and Psychology and is Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition; she received her 200 RYT Yoga Teacher training from Yoga Garden in San Francisco; and is a Life Coach through Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

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