7 Website Essentials to Captivate your Dream Clients & Create an Exceptional Brand Experience


Your website is the most important marketing tool for your business.

It should be your No. 1 priority to cultivate an online presence that gets your message seen and heard by the right people, so you can cut through the noise and connect with your dream clients.

Taking the time to intentionally craft your content and visuals, as well as ensuring your design and user experience is optimized - will be an investment that continues to pay dividends for you by turning your dream clients into raving fans, who will ultimately become your biggest advocates.

These days you don’t need to sink tens of thousands of dollars on an expensive website; there are numerous options to create a beautiful website on a small budget. Platforms like Squarespace {my preferred platform and recommendation for solopreneurs} make it super easy for anyone {even with no design experience!} to create a stunning looking website in a short amount of time.

Before you venture down this path, consider what your main goal or objective is when  someone visits your site:

  • Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter?

    Let them get to know you better?

  • Learn about your latest program?

  • Purchase something from you?

  • Establish yourself as an expert?

All of the above!?

Ok, let’s dive into how you can create an exceptional brand experience with your website that serves you crushing all your goals.

  1. Aesthetics and branding to reflect your vision, values and visuals.

First impressions count!

Think of your website being the front door of your business. It’s your job to ensure the design of your website is aligned with the vision you have for your brand and your broader mission.

Consider -

  • Are your colors and fonts cohesive and working in harmony together?

  • Do you visuals convey the message you want to share with your ideal clients?

The quickest and easiest way to let your dream clients know that YOU are the person who can help them solve their problem is by using captivating visuals that speak directly to them!

This gives you the opportunity to create a brand that not only authentically represents you, your vision and your values - but that’s also going to attract the RIGHT kind of people to you.

The point is not trying to be everything to everyone - this is a recipe for disaster.

Here are some of my favorite sites for images:



Also check out these posts:


2. The purpose of your business is clearly articulated.

15 seconds. That’s how long you have to engage someone who lands on your website before they lose interest and click-off elsewhere.

When someone lands on your site, the question they want answered is: “how can this person help me to solve X problem?”

It’s super important you clearly articulate the purpose of your business and how you can help your dream clients.

The most effective way to achieve this is using a clever mix of powerful copy, supported by visuals to reinforce the main message you want to share.

Your job here is to make it so freaking clear to your dream clients that they’ll be able to make a split second decision as to whether they are going to stick around. The more you make users dig around and try to work out what the heck you’re all about, the more frustrated they will come and eventually give up and leave.

Your homepage should be the main place you communicate this message, which needs to be obvious as soon as someone lands on your website. Secondary to that is your About page.

Furthermore, your blog / podcast / video content should also support your purpose.

Take action: review your website experience and see if your mission is clearly articulated from the moment someone first lands on your homepage.

  • What needs to be adjusted?

  • Are your copy and images appealing to your ideal client?

3. An epic about page.

Your About page is likely to be one of the most visited pages on your website, so it’s worth your time and effort crafting it to clearly articulate how you can help your reader and why YOU are the person to help them solve their problem.

Your About page needs to let readers know what they can expect from you; as well as giving them some kind of call to action on how they can take the next step.

While your About page is typically about you - the trick to crafting an amazing page is understanding that it is not about you at all!

Your job is to captivate your reader through compelling copy that speaks directly to your ideal client and captures their attention from the get-go, positioning you as the expert with the exact solution they’ve been searching for.

Your About page needs to also include these key elements:

  • Social media icons: so people can connect with you.

  • Opt-in: this is your opportunity to invite people who are already interested in you to take your relationship to the next level.

  • Photos of you! You need to have at least one photo of you looking direct to camera, and some other fun / more playful shots that highlight your personality and unique quirks.

Take action: review your current about page.

  • What needs to be tweaked or improved?

  • Have you answered the question your readers will be asking: “What’s in it for me!?”

4. Include your opt-in at least 5 points throughout the site.

It’s super important to start collecting email addresses that builds your database now - even if you’re not sending out a regular newsletter just yet.

Unlike social media or platforms, like Medium where you’re building an audience on someone else's domain - you own the data of everyone who opts into your newsletter list.

Each time someone visits your site, take this opportunity to invite them to be part of your tribe to deepen your relationship. Consistently nurturing this relationship over time will build trust, likability and a solid understanding of how you can help them.

Then, when it comes time for you offer a program or release a new product, you’'ll have a ready engaged audience who'll be excited about your new offering!

The know, like and trust factor is especially important for service based businesses offering high price points for people to work with you. People are less likely going to be signing up for your services on the spot, so asking them to be part of your tribe and your newsletter list allows you an excellent opportunity for you to give them a feel for who you are.

Consider the user journey from when someone first lands on your site {taking into account they may enter from another page on your site e.g a blog post} and identify the key opportunities for you to guide them to action.

I recommend having a minimum of 5 points on your site on where your opt-in is displayed:

  • On your homepage, ideally above the fold.

  • Using your announcement bar / Hello bar.

  • Including a button or call-to-acton in your navigation.

  • Using a service like Sumo Me and having pop ups / slide ins.

  • On your About page.

  • As part of your blog content {content upgrades}.

  • Website footer.

Take action: Review your website and identify 5 places where you can add in an opt-in on your site.

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5. Make your social media icons visible.

This seems to be a no-brainer but it’s amazing how many people miss this important step!

Adding your social media icons so they are clearly visible on your site is giving people an opportunity to connect with you in all the places you hang out so they can get to know you better.

Some key places to include these are:

  • Your website footer.

  • Your website header.

  • About page.

  • Sidebar of your blog (if applicable)

Take action: Identify the gaps on your website to see  where you can add your social icons.

6. Clear navigation and well thought out website structure.

The goal with your website is to make your content easy findable and digestible to your readers. This means clearly highlighting your navigation and the key pages you want people to visit.

I recommend steering clear of having ‘interesting’ or ‘fun’ ways of naming your navigation - this is not the time to be creative on your website (save this for elsewhere!!). The reason being that you want to make your user experience easy, simple and CLEAR.

Don’t make readers “think” about where they want to go to find out where your events are or what your blog is - just give them the answer they need by making this readily available.

Key pages to have in your navigation include:

  • About.

  • Services / Work with Me.

  • Shop {if applicable}

  • Blog

  • Contact

It can also be a great option to have a “Start Here” page that gives first time readers an opportunity to find out more about you and your offerings


7. Let your audience to get to know you and demonstrate your expertise through your blog.

Your blog is the BEST way for you to demonstrate your expertise and easiest way to let your dream clients get to know you.

When you create consistent content on your blog that clearly articulates your knowledge in a particular area, you immediately position yourself as an expert in that field.

The more you can demonstrate your expertise by sharing solutions, tips, and ideas around your chosen topic, the more you align your brand as being a thought leader in this area, as well as building trust and important relationships with your readers at the same time.

Supported by a well thought out social media strategy and outreach; consistency over time will reward you with a personal brand that clearly demonstrates your leadership and expertise in your niche.

Let me know in the comments - what action will you be taking to captivate your dream clients and create an exceptional brand experience?