Find Your Zone of Genius: How to Unearth your Unique Gifts and Own Them.

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How good would it feel to make money doing something you love that positively impact people’s lives in a meaningful way?

When we laser in on our zone of genius, we can absolutely make this dream our reality.

Unique to every person on the planet are the innate gifts we hold that we can do better than anyone else: this is our zone of genius.

Our unique gifts are what set us apart.

The more we focus on amplifying our zone of genius and become exceptional at what we do, the more money we can make doing what we love, making our so-called ‘competition’ irrelevant.

What can trip us up on the way to unearthing our unique gifts and fully owning them is when our creative pursuits have a distinct lack of focus. This is when we find our energy being misdirected and our time spent on things we’re merely ‘good’ at, rather than what we’re exceptional at.

Do you ever find you're good at a lot of things, so you end up doing ALL the things?

As creatives, we never have a shortage of ideas because we’re naturally good at a lot of things! And as introverts, it’s part of our nature to be curious and spend time investigating and exploring what we find ourselves drawn to.

When we’re starting out, experimentation and exploration are great things which I wholeheartedly encourage. If we didn’t have the inclination to explore different paths then we’d never know what we’re good at and more importantly, what we love doing!

This experimentation only becomes problematic when we lack of focus and don’t commit to the skill of mastery. We find ourselves stuck in the continuous phase of ‘dabbling’ and being a “Jill of all trades” ultimately finding we’re mediocre at various creative pursuits.

This lack of focus can also show up as Shiny Object Syndrome and is particularly prevalent in our technology-obsessed society when there is always something new, improved, faster and better that seeks to capture our attention.


Do any of these sound familiar?


  • Spread yourself too thin across a number of different areas you’re ‘good’ at but never go into depth to master any one particular thing.

  • Love the thrill of trying new things and experimenting with different ways of doing this.

  • Often feel like you’re missing out when you see something new and awesome released - the FOMO is real!

  • Find your energy is scattered as you spend your work and creative time jumping between one thing and the next.

  • Are worried to say ‘no’ to new opportunities and ideas that come your way.

The power of focus.

Here’s the thing: when we focus our time and energy on mastering our zone of genius, we can create amazing things that can help to change the world; make money doing what we love and positively impact people’s lives in a meaningful way.

  • What we focus on we move towards.

  • Whatever we focus on we think and feel.

  • Whatever we focus on we get more of it; it becomes real to us.

When we focus our energy mastering our unique gifts, it ultimately means we open ourselves up to our natural state of abundance.

Creating this alignment between our unique gifts and our hearts’ desires, fuels us with confidence, energy and purpose, which opens us up to attract MORE of what we desire.


Here are just some of the side effects of playing in our zone of genius:

  • Supercharged self-confidence.

  • Unshakable self-belief.

  • Being fueled with energy and purpose.

  • Increased self-worth.

  • Naturally begin to attract the right opportunities.

  • Allows you to position yourself as an expert / influencer

  • Opens you up to your natural state of abundance.

  • Increased income / net worth.

All of this sounds pretty compelling, right?

How to unearth your zone of genius.

By now you’re probably wondering how the heck you can unearth your zone of genius.

The good news is that you likely already have some kind of an idea of where it lies, but these questions will start to build a clear picture for you.

Write down the first answers that come to your mind:

  • What skills comes naturally to you, that you don’t even really try hard at?

  • Where do you most often find yourself in creative flow?

  • What do people compliment you most for?

  • What do you find yourself naturally gravitating towards when you don’t have to be somewhere or have a deadline looming?

  • What could you quite happily dedicate all of your time to and fuels you with energy?


Hopefully your answers to these questions have started leaving you some clues, so next it’s time to start connecting the dots.

Grab a piece of paper and split it up into three columns.

In the first column:

Write down all of the things you really dislike doing and that you suck at. Even if you spent time getting better at these things, you’d still probably never enjoy them.

In the second column:

Write down all of the things you’re *good* at and can really do an ok job of - note that this list is probably going to be quite lengthy, so don’t hold back.

In the third column:

Write down the things you’re really freaking amazing, and exceptional at. This list should be the smallest and have no more than 1-2 things on it.

Now take a moment to review the items in list number three:

Ask yourself:

  • Which of these aren’t being fully developed right now?

  • Which of these could I turn into my biggest opportunity?

  • Where could I use these to amplify what I’m already doing, even further?

  • Where could my business shine, if I honed in on my unique gifts and really went for it?

Unearthing your zone of genius is incredibly empowering and can be immediately applied to making better, more informed decisions. Focusing your energy on mastering your craft, allows you to take on new challenges you’d secretly always wanted to do but didn’t feel fully confident in moving forward with, helping propel you forward to your next level of success.

Your ultimate goal should be to invest the majority of your energy in your zone of genius and either ditch, outsource or automate everything else.

So tell me lovely, what did you unearth? Where will you be focusing your energy moving forward?

Quit doing things you hate.

Grab the free Workbook: Find Your Zone of Genius so you can get back into your creative flow and natural state of abundance.