5 Successful Women Share their Morning Routines


Have you ever wondered how successful women are able to show up as best selves and rock their business goals, while balancing full lives?

As if building a business isn’t hard enough. But then having to balance it with their family, relationships and other life commitments, you’d think it would be challenging to find the time to take care of themselves. 

Yet these five women swear by it and in fact, their morning routine is their secret weapon to their success.

So, let’s find out how they start their morning and set themselves up for success each day…


Elaine Hayes, Founder MNTStudio

As a busy business owner and mom, self-care has become more important than ever before in my life.

I realized early on after having my son, Leo, that if mama wasn't happy, no one was happy.

I've always been very much into exercising and eating well as part of my self-care practice, but one new element I've incorporated into my daily routine over the last year is meditation.

Here's what I do, and I'll share all the details because I like to get super specific when sharing routines and what's worked for me. :)

I wake up at 5:30am, and immediately get out of bed and use a tongue scraper and brush my teeth. The reason I get up that early is that my son wakes up at around 6:15/6:30am, so if I don't wake up before him, I won't be able to do my morning routine. I then drink 24 ounces of room-temp water (sometimes I add a little lemon if I'm feeling sassy), grab my phone (but don't look at email or social media), and settle onto the couch with my favorite Barefoot Dreams blanket (linked it for you because it's life-changing!) and my Bose headphones.

I then use the Headspace app and meditate for 10-15 minutes, then write in my gratitude journal five things I'm grateful for along with an intention for the day. Taking that time to center myself, focus on what I'm grateful for, and set my intention for the day is a total game-changer. I've been doing this every day for close to a year (haven't missed a day yet!), and it's totally changed my life.

I'm much less reactive, better able to handle challenges that come my way in both life and work, and I swear it's helped me be a more patient, present mom. 

Listen to Elaine’s podcast episode here.


Emily Merrell, Business Coach and Founder of Six Degrees Society.

Self-care and “morning routine” are words I never thought I’d be using as often as I do. As a spontaneous creature I didn’t realize how much I love routine and something to look forward to every morning.

I love starting 3 out of 5 of my days with a 7am workout. When I was in NYC I was a crazy 6am workout gal but in San Francisco, 7am is the perfect time. It takes 30 minutes to get to my workout and I love the walk alone. 6:30am is my favorite time of the day when the world is just starting to get up and you’re one of the few people out and about.

After my workout I take a shower in the dreamy outdoor shower provided by my co-working space, The Assembly. No matter the temperature outside I always feel like I’m on a vacation far far away.

Once I get settled at a table with a cup of coffee I set a timer for 10 minutes to journal. I write about what I’m proud of, what I’m grateful for, what I’m feeling energy-wise and what I want to accomplish that day. I keep each section to 3 things.

After journaling, I turn on my Calm app for 10 minutes of meditation. I’ve tried all types of apps and so far Calm has been the one I keep coming back to.

After that it’s nearing 9am and I’m ready to start my day feeling accomplished and focused for the day ahead.

Listen to Emily’s podcast episode here.


Dr Rebecca Ray, Author, Speaker and Clinical Psychologist

My daily self-care ritual is to come back to a place within myself that rejects the notion that we must pursue success each day.

Instead, I care for myself by daily reflections on how I have lived meaningfully and bravely that day. This is a process of acceptance, evaluating my alignment with my values, and gentle self-love.

I find it much easier to follow my path and reach my goals when my definition for daily “success” is flexible, allowing for changes in my external and internal resources, allowing for fluctuating productivity, and allowing for the chance to simply be present.

It’s taken a significant amount of work for me to release the social and cultural expectations that “success” is quantified only by busy-ness and billable hours and, instead, to change this narrative within myself to one of values-aligned living.

Listen to Rebecca’s podcast episode here.


Jenna Black, Business Success Coach & Abundance Queen

My morning ritual is called Soul Hour - a full hour where I dive into my own sacred soul space and come into a space of flow and alignment. This has been a game changer for creating more abundance, impact and purpose in my business. My soul hour can look different each day, but generally I’ll spend some time journaling with my morning coffee on my balcony.

I love to write my reality, meaning I journal my desires in the present tense to fully tap into the energy of them being done - this is key for manifestation! 

After journaling, I may take a few minutes to do some deep breathing, writing or meditating. I’m always anchoring in new beliefs and mantras, which I love to affirm in the morning.

Somedays my soul hour is a walk down to the beach or out to a local cafe to journal. I love to mix it up, and trust what my intuition is guiding me to do. From there, I start my work day and get into content creation mode for my business.

Tune into Jenna’s podcast episode here.


Erica Carrico, Life Purpose and Career Coach

With two small kids and a fully booked business, life tends to feel hectic… which is why it’s a non-negotiable for me to start my day off right.

I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t start my day with sacred time, I spend the entire day feeling disconnected, which means I’m not showing up fully for my clients, my family, or myself.

Obviously, I’d love to have a full hour each morning, but since my kids wake up so early, sometimes there’s only a few minutes. In that case, I make sure to start my day with sacred breath. When I wake up, I head directly to my windows facing east (the sunrise) and take 7 deep, cleansing breaths.

Breathing in the joy of a new day. The breath of life. Feeling the energy of source expanding in my lungs, traveling throughout my body, breathing life into each part of my body, mind, and soul.

Clearing anything left over from the day before, taking breaths to release anything that no longer serves. Inhale Divine guidance, hope, inspiration, love, and joy.

For me this creates an aliveness within my body, and I feel centered, aligned, and excited about my day.

Listen to Erica’s podcast episode here.


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