Ep26 :: Nimisha Gandhi, Break up with Busy and Optimize Your Creativity to Bring More Joy Flow into your Life


In today’s episode, I’m chatting with the wonderful, Nimisha Gandhi, founder of Moon Cycle Nutrition.

Nimisha is a functional medicine nutritionist, Ayurvedic counselor, Yoga Nidra/meditation teacher, and former tech founder.

In Nimisha’s private practice, she specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care with an emphasis on the mind, body, and soul. Nimisha combines functional medicine with ancient Ayurvedic principles to help her clients awaken their untapped healer and empower themselves about their own health journey. 


Her work is research-based, intuitive, and from the soul, using the innate wisdom of changing hormones and cycles of nature to help her clients flow with their body. 

Moon Cycle Nutrition is a conscious evolution practice that draws on deep inner inquiry, food as medicine, meditation, sleep, rituals and movement.


Listen to the full episode:

In this episode we talk about:

  • What prompted Nimisha to ditch the career path of being a doctor that her parents wanted for her, to instead follow her passion for ayurveda and holistic nutrition.

  • The non-linear path she took to following her purpose and the pivots she made along the way.

  • How being out of alignment with her authentic self manifested in her physical body and what led Nimisha back to her true purpose.

  • Nimisha shares the simple daily rituals to support you getting grounded and tuning into your intuition.

  • As well as the daily practices that integrate ancient ayurvedic principles with modern philosophies to help boost your overall well-being.

  • How to optimize your life, creativity and relationships by living in tune with your cycle.

  • And how to create boundaries to manage your energy, creativity and flow.

And so much more!

I can’t wait for you to be inspired by Nimisha’s journey and all of her incredible wisdom for getting in tune with your body and into alignment with your true self.


Listen to the full episode:

Connect with Nimisha:


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Ep25 :: Stepping into your Power and Aligning with your Soul Purpose with Candice Puthawala, Founder Beauty Bar Chocolate

Candice-Puthawala_Beauty-Bar-Chocolate copy.png

Welcome to episode number 25 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today’s guest is Candice Puthawala, founder of Beauty Bar Chocolate.

Candice left behind her 18 year career in the fashion industry when she became burned out from being in a life of constant, high stress.

In the fashion industry, all the focus was beauty on the outside and it wasn’t until she shifted her lens to focus on beauty from the inside, out that her healing journey began.

While Candice was working on healing and going sugar free she couldn’t find what she was looking for, which is how she came up with the idea to create her dream Beauty Bar AKA Beauty Bar Chocolate


Beauty Bar Chocolate is made with healthy, hand-selected, plant based ingredients. They are free of anything toxic and filled with all things beautiful!

In this episode we talk about:

  • What prompted Candice to walk away from her successful, two decade career in the fashion industry.

  • The year long process it took Candice to find her path of purpose and how every little detour led her to where she is today.

  • Why following your curiosity and taking action, without having to know all of the answers is the key to making significant change your life.

  • Why being able to let go of the fear of judgement from others is necessary to start living in alignment with who you truly are.

  • The magic of being able to step into your power and speak your truth.

  • The daily practice of working on your self-confidence and building your self-esteem.

  • Why enjoying the journey is key to allowing your purpose to unfold.

And so much more!

Candice shares a ton of wisdom in this episode and I can’t wait for you to be inspired hearing her story.

Let’s get to the show!

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Connect with Candice + Beauty Bar Chocolate:


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Ep24 :: Re-igniting your soul purpose with Rachael Kable


Have you found yourself struggling to find the motivation to keep going on your big goals? Or maybe you’ve become so disconnected to the ‘why’ behind what you're doing in the first place and keep thinking about giving up altogether.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then I know you’re going to LOVE today’s episode!

Today I’m super excited to be chatting with Rachael Kable.

Rachael is a mindfulness and meditation teacher from Mount Beauty, Australia. She is the host of The Mindful Kind podcast and her first book – also called The Mindful Kind – was published in early 2019.

With a background in psychology, coaching and meditation, Rachael whole-heartedly supports people around the world to implement mindfulness and manage stress.

In this episode we dive into:

  • Rachael’s journey and what led to her building a business focused on teaching mindfulness.

  • What exactly mindfulness is and how it can help reduce anxiety and stress, so you can start enjoying life.

  • Why you don’t need to meditate to practice mindfulness and still get the benefits.

  • How to use mindfulness to overcome your fears; challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

  • The ‘good' kind of stress you need and how to use this to your advantage.

  • Why creating boundaries in your business {especially around social media} are essential for your well-being and sanity.

  • Building a business you actually enjoy vs. building something that may look good from the outside, but doesn’t really feel good to you.

  • Falling out of love with your business; overcoming feeling disconnected from your purpose and reigniting the passion for what you’re doing.

And much so more!

Listen to the full episode:


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Ep#23 :: The pro’s and con’s of using your name for your business


Welcome to episode #23 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

In this episode I dive into some of the pro’s and cons to answer the question:

Should I use my name for my blog and business?

There is a growing trend right now where people are choosing to become known by their full name AKA creating a personal brand.

This makes total sense, because in the digital age transparency is everything.

Especially with platforms like Instagram where if your audience knows it’s just you - then why go by a different name?

Using your name helps build genuine relationships with people because it’s an easy way to infuse authenticity into how you show up online.

That said, naming your business is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make.

And if you’re looking to turn your passion project into a profitable business, this may be the pivotal question you need to answer before moving forward.

So, in today I’m going to take you through some of the pro’s and cons, that will help you get clarity and take action!

Listen to the full episode:

Before we dive in, it’s important to note there is no right answer - there is only the right answer for you and your business.

First up: there are two important questions you need to consider as part of this decision:

What is the big vision for your business?

While you don’t need to have the whole plan mapped out for your business, you should at least have some idea of the vision for the business you are trying to create.

For example, if you’re a wellness blogger and you know that your vision is to continue working for yourself, that’s a pretty big indicator that choosing your personal name may be a good fit.

On the flip side if you plan to join forces with a fellow blogger to create a partnership or program that extends beyond yourselves - then this is an indicator that you’ll probably want to choose a name for your brand that fits your vision.

This is exactly what Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner did, who started their Simple Green Smoothies empire together back in 2012.

There are always exceptions to this rule, but knowing the answer to this question is a good place to start.

The second question you want to consider is:

What is the lifestyle you desire that your business needs to support?

Hands down, the BEST thing about going into business for yourself is that you get to create something that matches the lifestyle you desire the most.

So, if you know your vision is to run a location independent business and create digital products and online programs, then you could totally run this using your name.

But if you want to create physical and digital products, then you’ll probably want to choose a brand name that encapsulates the vision you’re creating

This is exactly what Aileen Xu did who is the blogger behind Lavendaire. She runs a business with both her Artist of Life Workbooks (physical products) and her online courses (digital products).

Ok, so let’s start with the pro’s of naming your business after yourself.

  1. Using your name helps build trust.

Here’s the thing: - people do business with people! And when you use your name it already implies a level of trust because your clients are speaking and interacting with you directly.

Building your know, like and trust factor is the most essential part of creating a Love Brand - AKA a brand that creates loyalty beyond reason.

Way back in the day, Author, Self-Love Teacher and Podcaster Melissa Ambrosini used to have a blog called Path to Wellness. This was perfect for her when she was starting out as a blogger and Health Coach but as her business vision evolved and she became a published author, it was clear she needed to be front and centre of her business.

Which brings me to my next point….

2. Puts you at the centre of your business.

Using your name puts you at the centre of your business. For some people this is an easy decision but if you’re an introvert like me; or hate the thought of being front and centre of attention all the time, this may feel a bit uncomfortable.

Especially in the beginning because it requires you being super visible in your business.

While I don’t recommend going with a brand name so you can avoid having yourself front and centre of your business {that’s a topic for a whole other episode!} it's definitely a point of consideration if you want to become known as a thought-leader and the go-to expert in your niche.

Using your name helps to build your expert status. And over time this will lend itself to things like being a published author, or a thought leader who regularly is asked for their opinion and contribute to discussions in your industry.

3. It allows your business to evolve.

While your business may change and evolve over the years - the one constant is you and using your name can be a way for you to seamlessly evolve your business.

For example, did you know Gala Darling got her start in the online world as a fashion blogger!?

Yet, over the years, she’s evolved from teaching about blogging; self love and fitness, to her focus now which is money, abundance and mindset.

While her business focus has changed and completely pivoted, using her own name made it easy for her to seamlessly transition into different seasons of her business.

This makes total sense because as humans we evolve, grow and change and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to be limited by a brand name you may outgrow one day in the future, then using your name may be the perfect fit for you.

Ok, moving right along to the cons….

  1. It can limit your future growth.

Using your name may limit your future growth because your brand becomes solely about what you do and create.

When you use your own name for your business, it can send the message you’re a one person show, but it’s not always the case. Think about Marie Forleo, she is most definitely not a one woman show and is backed by a team she lovingly refers to as Team Forleo.

But if you know down the track you want to create products and services that extend well beyond your name, then that’s your answer.

While it’s definitely possible to transition to a brand name down the track, you’ll want to consider that people will have already come to know you by your name; so it may be more challenging to get the new brand name to stick.

Either way - you shouldn’t let this stop you because as Marie Forelo says - everything is figuroutable!

2. Your name could change.

If you get married (or divorced!) your name could change which may cause headaches down the track.

But it can definitely be done gracefully - Jess Lively was known as Jess Constable before she got married.

But after she and her husband ended their relationship, she publicly acknowledged that despite the relationship ending she was going to keep her married name!

3. Your name may not be unique and /or hard to spell or pronounce.

If you’re a Jane Smith of the world then yes, it may be challenging for you to establish a unique brand and even more challenging to find an appropriate domain name!

So in this case {or if your name is hard to spell or pronounce} and you’re keen to use your name, you could think to incorporate part of your name and then relate it back to what you do.

For example Sarah Holloway AKA Spoonful of Sarah created a playful take on her name, giving it the healthy foodie element to it, which also makes it unique and catchy.

So to wrap things up, in the digital age which is largely powered by small and micro-businesses, there’s a growing trend of cultivating a personal brand which you are front and centre of.

There is no right or wrong answer, but hopefully these pro’s and cons will give you the clarity you need so you can move forward and get busy launching your brand to the world!

I’d love to know your biggest takeaway - find me on Instagram and let me know: which option for naming your business resonates with you the most?

Until next time, keep being your awesome self!


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Ep#22 :: How to build a brand that matters and spark a love story with your audience


Are you creating amazing content, showing up online and seemingly doing all the things, but struggling to get your brand noticed by the right people?

You’re definitely not alone!

With more and more people launching their businesses and vying for our attention it can feel overwhelming and sometimes disheartening when you know you have so much to offer.

But here’s the thing: 

The shift that’s taken place in the digital age is that marketing is no longer about the products you make and the services you sell - it’s about uncovering the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing in the first place.

In today’s podcast episode I’m sharing a simple framework that will help you crystalize your messaging to use across all of your online channels and ensure you’re connecting with the right people, so you can create a brand cuts through the noise and builds a loyal tribe of fans who can’t wait to work with you!

Listen to the full episode:

Before we dive in, let’s get super clear about what exactly a brand is.

A brand is simply an expression of how you show up in the world.

It includes the visuals you use in all of your communications; the tone of voice you use to speak to your audience, as well as the values you live and breathe by each day in your business.

But here’s the thing: People fall in love with brands because of the emotional connection they make with them - and by doing this - they create loyalty beyond reason.

Think about the brands you love: you don’t even question if there are any other options - you just instinctively want to buy from them and you probably love them so much you’ll talk about them on social media and become advocates for their brand in the process.

Clever branding is all about cultivating an emotional connection with your audience and is what separates a good brand from a magnetic brand AKA a Love Brand.

And when there are two equally attractive options on the table, your brand will be what sets you apart.

So, a brand can either be focused on an individual person - which is where you’ll often hear the term “personal brand” or it could be an entity that comprises one or many people who are all working together towards a common vision.


For example:

Collective Hub is an Australian online platform, print magazine and community of trailblazing entrepreneurs, led by Lisa Messenger. Collective Hub is the overarching brand or entity which has various people who work for the brand where they are all united by their mission to ignite human potential.

Founder, Lisa Messenger also has her own personal brand where she still aligns with the Collective Hub brand, but through her personal brand, she gives more insight into her day to day life; her driving values and what goes on behind the scenes to build the Collective Hub community.

For personal brands the various was you show up in your business are all elements of your overall brand experience including:

  • your personal style;

  • how you deliver your message to your audience;

  • how you interact and engage with people ; and

  • what you stand for.

This is why it’s super important to get clear on how you want to show up in your business from the get-go.

The truth is: a confused mind never buys. The more clarity you create around your messaging and the more consistent you are in how you show up across all of your channels, the more effortless it will become for you to build trust with your dream clients.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know:

A brand is most definitely not your logo!

Your brand is also not static - it’s a living, breathing thing that constantly evolves as a story you intentionally craft each day.

In the digital age, you have the opportunity to cultivate your brand on a daily basis through the social media posts you share, the blog posts you write; the podcasts and videos you create which all form your overall online presence.

When it comes to cultivating an online brand: authenticity isn’t optional. It’s essential.

To quote Seth Godin: “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”

To wrap things up I want to leave you with a super simple framework you can use to get clarity on your brand to make sure it’s sparking a love story with your audience.


This is where you’re answering the question for your audience: who are you and why should I care?

You’ll want to consider things like:

  • What are your unique strengths that you’re able to tap into and be of service to others?

  • Why do you do what you do?

  • What led you to where you are today?

  • What is it that motivates you to create the change you want to see in the world?

  • What are the core philosophies that drive your everyday business decisions?

  • Why will other people care about this? How will they feel like they are connected / part of this mission?


This is where your job is to get super clear on what you do and who you do it for.

Here’s the thing: when you know who you’re talking to and how you can help them it makes it sooo much easier to craft your messaging in way they will pay attention to.

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone {I’ve been there and it doesn’t work, trust me!}, instead: laser in on the specific person who you can solve a problem for and design all of your copy, content and offerings with this person in mind.

Take a moment and consider:

  • What is the problem you can solve for people?

  • Who do want to solve this problem for?

  • What do they need?

  • What are they looking for?

  • How can you help them more than anyone else can?


What’s your visual vibe?

How you position your brand in the minds of your audience, by way of imagery, fonts and colors - will determine who pays attention.

In other words: your vibe attracts your tribe!

This is all about the personality of your brand and how you make your dream clients feel.

Take a moment and consider:

  • What are 3-5 words that best describe the vibe of your brand?

  • What would a visual representation of your brand look like using images, colors and fonts?

  • If your brand was a person, how would you describe them?

  • How do you want your audience to feel each time they come into contact with your brand?

I’d love to know your biggest takeaway - let me know what you’re excited to implement!


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Ep#21 :: Emily Osmond :: How to Nail it on Instagram and the Power of Showing up Purposefully Online


Welcome back to Episode 21 the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a love/hate relationship with Instagram.

I did a poll a couple of weeks back on my Instagram Stories asking people if they did too - and almost 99% of people said they did!

So… I know you’re going to love my guest today, the wonderful Emily Osmond - who is spilling all of the goods about Instagram and how we can use to not only build and grow our brand - but also fall in love with it! 

Listen to the full episode here:

You might know Emily from her popular interiors blog getinmyhome.com – where she grew her Instagram to 10,000 followers in just over 12 months and was named in Domain’s “Ten of the best interior design accounts you need to follow on Instagram”. 


Inside her online community - The Modern Marketing Collective, Emily mentors women starting and growing their business to develop the clarity and confidence to market themselves with fun and ease.

In today’s episode, Emily shares how to nail it on Instagram and the the power of showing up purposefully online. 

We dive into:

  • How to take a less is more approach with Instagram and still be successful.

  • The simple but game-changing shift that will help you become known in your niche.

  • How to bring more of your authentic self into your online presence.

  • We answer the question: ‘should I have multiple instagram accounts?’

  • The power of focusing on your zone of genius.

  • What prompted Emily to change her entire business model and focus solely on Instagram.

  • Why you should follow your gut even though it’s scary to make tough decisions in your business.

  • The importance of connecting with your purpose and the abundance that flows from being in this place in your business.

  • The mindset shift to transform the way you think about Instagram for your business.

  • The truth about the Instagram algorithm and how to use it to your advantage.

  • How the algorithm works and how to optimize your content so it can be seen my more people.

  • Tips for growing your account organically.

  • The biggest mistake people make on Instagram and how to remedy this right now!

  • Whether you should bother with Instagram paid ads.

  • The 3 things you can start doing today to start seeing success with your account.

Listen to the full episode:


This episode is super juicy and packed with a TON of great tips on building an authentic and engaged Instagram for your brand - I can’t wait to hear your biggest takeaways so make sure you tag me on Instagram and let me know what tips you’ll be implementing!


In this episode we mention:

Connect with Emily:


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Ep#20 :: Elise Armitage :: Ditching the 9-5 to Pursue her Blogging Dream


In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Elise Armitage - influencer, content creator, and digital marketing consultant who founded her blog, What The Fab in 2012.

Based in San Francisco, What The Fab covers travel, fashion, and lifestyle with a pinch of zest, served with a side of real talk. At the beginning of 2019, Elise left her corporate job at Google to chase her dreams of being an entrepreneur and helping women find fabulous in the everyday.

Elise and I met at the Business of Blogging panel at General Assembly and in this episode, we’re diving a bit deeper into some of the topics we spoke about at the panel.

Listen to the full episode here:


In this episode we talk about:

  • How she managed her time while side hustling and was still able to make time for her husband, friends and her well-being.

  • How her business has grown and changed in the 6 months since leaving her 9-5

  • Creating meaningful content that shares your unique perspective on topics you care about while staying true to yourself and your values.

  • The importance of staying in your own creative lane.

  • Tips to network effectively both online and offline.

  • And much more!


Elise is also generously offering Dreams for Breakfast listeners a 20% discount on her 1:1 Pinterest and Blogging consulting sessions so you can pick her brain and learn her secrets that meant she could leave her 9-5 career behind!

Email Elise: elise w-t-fab com and mention this episode to book your spot.


In this episode we mention:


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Ep#19 :: Cultivating Your Path to Purpose and Creating a Life You're Obsessed With


This episode is the first in a brand new season of the show and I thought I’d kick things off by sharing what you can expect from the show moving forward…

Listen to the full episode here:

In 2019, women are making bold moves and rewriting the rules of success.

We’re refusing to settle and instead: pursue our purpose; invest in our dreams and push the boundaries of what’s possible, so we can design lives we’re obsessed with.

Women are changing the game and the internet is the vehicle that has the power to make our dreams a reality.

When I started my blog back in 2009, I had no idea that writing, creating and building a like minded community would turn into a full blown passion.

From the very beginning I had a deep knowing that this was the path I was meant to follow.  

Thing is: it hasn’t always been blissful and it sure as hell hasn’t been easy - far from it.

There have been moments when I wanted to throw it all in; failures that have made me question everything; and countless lessons that I continue to learn over and over again and take with me on this journey.

But here’s what I know for sure:

  • That setting goals and having a strategy mean nothing if you don’t have the right mindset.

  • That being in alignment with what feels good to you and what you want to create is essential if you want to see any kind of success.

  • That listening to your gut is not optional: it’s mandatory.

And that success doesn't happen overnight - it happens when you keep showing up day in and day out, and you give yourself permission to go ALL IN on your big dreams.


This is what Dreams for Breakfast is all about.

Pursuing your purpose and doing the work you were born to do is a thrilling and exciting time.

But it’s also one where you quickly realize that having an idea and a dream will not get you there alone. Spoiler alert: it won’t.

Passion is what gets you started, but it’s perseverance, patience and persistence that will keep you going.

More than anything Dreams for Breakfast is a mindset - the belief that your dreams are there for the taking; that anything you can imagine is totally possible and that you: amazing, courageous, brave, big-hearted lady, have totally got this.

Taking the road less travelled, is not easy.

So whether you’re side-hustling with a dream to take your business full time; at a crossroads in your career and exploring your creative passions; or transitioning into a new season of your life and redefining everything in the process - my goal is to make the messy middle a little less daunting, so you feel like you’re not alone on this adventure of a lifetime.

Dreams for Breakfast is about …

  • Choosing courage over comfort every single day;

  • Being courageous to take bold risks;

  • Using your creativity to inspire magic in the lives of others;

  • And most importantly: being surrounded by a community of badass women who are on the same journey as you.

So in this brand new season, I’ll of course be bringing you honest and inspiring conversations with trailblazing women, but I’ll also be mixing things up with some much shorter and snappier episodes packed with simple and practical tips to help you cultivate the mindset you need so you can pursue your purpose and design a life you’re obsessed with.

To give you a taste, here are just some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Why are some people successful in making their dream a reality, but not others?

  • How can we pursue our purpose and achieve our big goals, but not at the expense of taking care of our health and well-being?

  • What does it take to succeed in today’s hyper competitive and over saturated online space?

  • Is hustle what it’s really all about or is achieving balance even a possibility?

  • How can we stay true to ourselves, without selling out, or having to compromise our personal values?

  • How can we break free from the conditioning we’ve been exposed to our entire lives around money and creating abundant wealth as independent women?

  • How do we navigate change gracefully as we transition through the seasons of our life while at the same time, building our dream?

This show is for you: the woman who decided to step into her power and discover what you are truly capable of, so you can create something freaking amazing with your one precious life.

If you have a topic you’d love to hear covered in the show - I want to hear from you! You can either hit me up on Instagram or get in touch with me here.

I hope you’re excited because I sure am!

Let’s do this!

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Ep#18 :: Kalumi Health, founders of Beauty Bars, Chrissy Blair & Jayla Harnwell


Welcome to Episode #18 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Chrissy Blair and Jayla Harnwell, who are the brains behind Kalumi Health and the creators of Beauty Bars - a new kind of protein bar designed to keep you fit, full and on the glow.

Chrissy and Jayla met in Milan when they were both modelling full time and realized they shared the same frustrations when it came to looking and feeling their best:

After years of dealing with a number of inner and outer ailments, they decided they’d had enough of:

  • wearing hair extensions to hide their thin and brittle hair

  • covering up acne and dry skin with different creams and lots of makeup

  • feeling tired and bloated all the time and

  • settling for sugar-heavy, low nutrient food when traveling


So, they decided to do something about it and the idea for Beauty Bars was born.

Each Beauty Bar has been specially formulated for delicious looking hair, skin and nails;  and fortified with marine collagen peptides, sweet potatoes and yacon syrup.

Kalumi has taken no shortcuts in creating an amazing and effective product: all of their ingredients are gluten free, non-GMO, non-dairy, soy free and fake free.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How they came up with the idea for Beauty Bars and went about making their first initial prototypes.

  • The process for launching the Beauty Bars including why it was so important for them to use marine collagen as the core ingredient.

  • How they approached the design and branding of Beauty Bars to ensure they appealed to and attracted their dream customers.

  • The behind the scenes of their initial launch and how they were able to create buzz from day 1

  • Working with and collaborating with amazing brands like Free People and how these opportunities came about.

  • The keys to building a successful and sustainable brand

  • ...And so much more.

Let’s get to the show!


Listen to the full episode:

Ep#17 :: Sarah Lipps, founder of Bare Bowls: the secret to creating success in business


Welcome to episode #17 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today, I’m excited to be chatting with Sarah Lipps, the founder of BARE Bowls all about what inspired her to start her business and how she was able to create a movement for two hugely successful bricks and mortar stores in the Bay Area.


Sarah created BARE Bowls to represent transparency in the food industry - without sacrificing taste- healthy food CAN and does taste mighty good.

She became increasingly interested in health foods after going to school in Southern CA. When she returned to the Bay Area, she started becoming frustrated by the lack of transparency in health food restaurants and products in grocery stores.


The menu at BARE is exactly what you are eating - fully transparent, no added ingredients that are not listed, local granola (that you can read off all the ingredients!) house made nut milks, and unsweetened acai!

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Sarah came up with the idea for BARE Bowls, launching her business straight out of college after seeing a gap in the market in the Bay Area.

  • The importance of creating your own opportunities in business and the simple way to finding your own niche.

  • Letting go of the need to be perfect and being ok to learn as you go.

  • The key to growth; the importance of failing fast and learning lessons from mistakes.

  • How she was able to create a thriving community and loyal fan base for her two stores using grassroots marketing….and much more!


This conversation with Sarah is proof that you don’t need to have all of the answers to get started - you just need to start and trust that you will be able to figure it out along the way.

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode:



Ep#16 :: Elaine Hayes, founder and owner MNTStudio :: the power of possibility and pursuing the path that brings us joy


It’s not often you cross paths with a boss lady who’s super smart, big-hearted and who cares so deeply about her team and the well-being of her entire community.

So today, I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to someone who has been a huge inspiration to me since moving to San Francisco and who I’m super grateful to call a friend - Elaine Hayes, founder and owner of MNTSTUDIO.


MNT is a wellness brand and Pilates & Barre studio in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2013, MNT is the go-to for effective, safe, and upbeat Pilates and Barre classes.

Rooted in the classical principles of alignment and precision, MNT classes incorporate contemporary techniques to allow for a challenging yet approachable and enjoyable fitness experience.


Rooted in community with a holistic approach to wellness, MNT focuses on addressing the whole person through nutrition counseling and community-building events.


Elaine's mission through MNT is to empower each and every individual to transform their lives for the better through movement, self-care, and community.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The pivotal career move that changed her entire path.

  • The importance of choosing a career that energizes you and brings you joy over one that looks good on paper, but completely drains you of energy.

  • The humble beginnings of MNTSTUDIO and the less than glam realities of running your own business.

  • Overcoming self-doubt on the path to living in alignment with your truth.

  • How Elaine dealt with the challenges and overcame the obstacles that allowed her to expand MNTSTUDIO and reach the next level of growth.

  • The practicalities of building a purpose-fueled brand from the inside, out and why about cultivating a thriving community is at the heart of everything.

  • The process of completely overhauling the MNT brand and re-imagining the Studio space and how this helped fuel into the next phase of growth for the entire business.

It was such a joy to record this interview with Elaine and I can’t wait for you to get inspired by her incredible story and what is possible when we fuel ourselves with self-belief and pursue the path that brings us joy.


Listen to the full episode:




Ep#15 :: Ali Bonar, Kween Foods :: keeping it real and the power of being yourself in business


Hey guys, welcome back to the Dreams For Breakfast podcast - thank you so much for tuning in!

I’m shaking things up around here and I’m excited to be launching the second season of the show with a slightly new spin.

To give you a bit of context...

In March, I made a quick trip back home to Australia and renewed my visa - which means I’ll be in the U.S for another 2 years… So, I decided to mix things up by featuring female entrepreneurs who are killing it at their game in San Francisco.

Full disclosure: Initially these interviews were not meant to be podcast episodes, but after my first interview with Ali Bonar - today’s wonderful guest - I thought it was too good NOT to share with you guys.

Sooo.. please excuse the sub-optimal sound and the less than perfect-ness of this interview. There’s a ton of good stuff in here and I hope you love it.

Future interviews may not be on the show and just on the blog BUT I’d love your feedback and hear what you think! Please leave me comment or send me a DM on instagram and let me know!!

Ok, on that note, let me introduce you to our guest today - Ali Bonar.

You may also know Ali as Avokween on Instagram; who is the founder of Kween Foods.


Ali is a tech marketer by day, foodie by night. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in nutrition, she launched her Instagram account @avokween, and Kween Foods shortly thereafter.

She lives in San Francisco, where you can find her making a hot mess in her kitchen.

Ali is as funny as she is super lovely AND down-to-earth.

We caught up over a coffee on a beautiful Spring day and chatted all about the launch of her epic Granola Butter (seriously this is SO good!) and her company Kween Foods and how she juggles ALL the things while working full time.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Ali’s journey and how a toxic relationship with food became the inspiration behind creating her company.

  • How Ali came up with the idea for Granola Butter and the first steps she took to making it into a legitimate product.

  • What it’s like to have co-founded the business with her partner and to be living and breathing a business together.

  • The challenges Ali faced in the lead up to launching Granola Butter.

  • How Ali worked with influencers to help spread the message about Granola Butter and amplify her brand message.

  • The role Instagram has played in her business and why it plays such a key part in her brand and marketing strategy.

  • How Ali manages her time between working full time and running a business; along with her non-negotiables for showing up as her best self.

Let’s get to the show!


Listen to the full episode:


In this episode we mention:

Ep#14 :: Erica Carrico :: how to find your dream career aligned with your purpose in the world


Welcome to episode number 14 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today I’m chatting with Career Shifter and Life Purpose Coach, Erica Carrico. I have to say, I’m particularly excited about sharing this conversation with you…

Erica is on a mission to guide awakening souls out of meaningless careers and into a career or business of their dreams… One that unveils their true purpose and allows them to earn a living doing what they absolutely love.

Erica and I serendipitously crossed paths a year ago through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, right before Erica was about to launch her brand new coaching business and I was lucky enough to have the amazing job of designing her beautiful new website.

Fast forward a year later and Erica’s coaching business is going from strength to strength - and I could not be more honored to be chatting with her in today’s episode where we’re talking all about how to create alignment with your passions and purpose to find a dream career you truly love.

If you're in a career right now that doesn't feel good to you and you know you're destined for more, I know you're going to love this juicy conversation. 

Let’s get to the show!

listen to the full episode:

In this episode we mention:


Connect with Erica:



EP#13 :: How to network with Style and Substance :: Emily Merrell, Six Degrees Society


Welcome to episode number 13 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today I’m super excited to introduce you to Emily Merrell, founder of Six Degrees Society.

Emily, also lovingly referred to as "20 questions" has always loved figuring out people's stories.

Upon graduating from Denison University, she moved to Buenos Aires to master her Spanish  and worked in various industries (ask her about Malbec).

Following her return to New York City, she landed in the Fashion world specializing in Events & Marketing working at Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, Tory Burch and INTERMIX.

In 2014 she dreamt up Six Degrees Society and in 2016 she made her dream a full-time business.

Emily is the master of creating events full of style and substance where she skillfully connects people together…so they can learn new things and of course have fun - all while completely removing ALL of the negative connotations we’d traditionally associate with networking.


Six Degrees Society event with Spanx founder, Sara Blakely

And in today’s episode we’re talking about the simple strategies for how we can approach networking in a totally non-icky, non-sleazy and completely authentic and meaningful way.

As an introvert, I’m rarely enthusiastic about networking, which was one of the reasons I was attracted to Emily’s style of event…. After attending my first one, I felt equally and energized and excited about the connections I made!

...And on that note, I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be speaking at the upcoming San Francisco event on 28th February.

I’ll be talking on the topic of Work and Worth where we’ll be exploring how playing to our strengths can help us make better, more informed decisions, create alignment with our biggest desires…

If you’re in San Francisco, I would LOVE to see you there!

Grab your tickets here.


listen to the full episode here:

connect with emily:

Ep#12 :: Jenna Black, Abundant Boss :: Style your Mindset for Success


Welcome to episode number 12 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast! 

Today's episode is with the super inspiring, Jenna Black, founder of Abundant Boss and we're diving into the juicy topic of styling your mindset for the success and abundnace you desire to create in your life and business.

Jenna is a money mindset mentor, intuitive business coach and energy healer for soulful women in business. Her mission is to support women to turn their dreams into reality by healing the money and mindset blocks that have held them back, activating their intuition and bringing laser focus to their business strategy.


With 11 years experience in digital strategy and marketing, Jenna blends her practical background with a modern, spiritual and feminine approach.

She is passionate about supporting women to create a business that is abundant and flowing, so they can manifest a lifestyle they’re wildly in love with.

Jenna supports her tribe of inspired female entrepreneurs through 1:1 mentoring, group programs and her membership hub Abundant Boss Academy.

In this episode we’re talking all about mindset and why it plays such a huge role in our success {or failure}, especially when it comes to running your own business.

We dive into some of the common blocks that we don’t even recognize as holding us back and Jenna shares the important habits and practices to support us transforming these beliefs and begin to attract the abundance we desire.


Jenna shares her approach which is all about mixing the woo with the work and how we can use these strategies to stop falling into the trap of believing everything we think!


If you’ve been setting goals, doing the work and not getting the results you desire, and believe on some level you may be holding yourself back - you’re going to LOVE this episode.

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode:

Ep#11 :: Canna Campbell SugarMamma :: Get Money Smart & Reach Your Financial Goals in 2018

Ep11_ Canna-Campbell-SugarMamma_Money-Smart-Financial-Goals-2018.jpg

Hello and welcome to episode #11 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

I hope you’ve had an amazing break and are ready to make some magic happen in 2018!

I’m excited to be kicking off the first episode of the year with Canna Campbell, talking all about how to get money smart and reach your financial goals in 2018.

Canna is a Financial Planner and the brains behind YouTube channel, SugarMamma.TV where she educates, motivates and inspires everyday people to make better, more conscious and more empowering decisions around the way that they choose to use money.


She is a big believer in leading by example, and created The $1,000 Project where she focused on saving and earning $1,000 at a time, and investing the money into passive income sources, through shares.

The first time that she did it, she saved and invested $32,000, and built a passive income of $1,700 p.a.

The next time she did it again, but saved and invested $36,000 over 13 months. Both times, the passive income was donated to charity.


The $1,000 Project is about to become a published book, hitting the shelves on the 21st of February 2018.

In this episode Canna shares her simple strategies for becoming empowered when it comes to money and how we can educate ourselves to become financially fit and take responsibility of our financial future.

We talk about the inspiration behind the The $1000 Project and the clever ways Canna was able to earn money outside her normal income to invest in shares and create a passive income.


Canna also shares how she gets things done by planning and prioritizing her time to manage her (very full!) schedule and why setting healthy habits are the key to our success.

She also weighs in on crypto currencies, as well as sharing a ton of tips and ways for us to become more conscious and mindful of how we’re spending money to set ourselves up for financial success in 2018 and beyond!

Let’s get to the show!

Ep#10 :: Kat Gaskin, The Content Planner & Salty Pineapple :: Leveraging Your Strengths as a Multi-Passionate


Welcome to Episode #10 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Before we dive in I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for tuning in each week and all of your amazing feedback about the show - I’m so grateful for all of your kind words - this is what keeps me going!

I also wanted to wish you and your families a wonderful festive season and I hope you enjoy some time off over the holidays to spend with your loved ones.

I’ll be taking a short break with the podcast and will be back with a new episode in the first week of January.

Ok, so let’s get to today’s show - I’m super excited to be chatting with Kat Gaskin, owner and founder of The Content Planner and The Salty Pineapple Shop; a traveling content creator; freelance graphic designer; and self-professed Instagram addict.

Back in 2012, she quit her unfulfilling desk job to take the leap of faith into #girlboss life. This ended up being the best decision of her life. Now, she works 100% remotely and calls the world her office.


She makes a living from traveling to the world’s most beautiful beaches and creating content for her favorite brands. Last year, she launched The Content Planner, the very first physical planner for your blog and social media content. Just a few months ago, she also launched her own shop filled with original designs created for all the beach bum dreamers of the world.

In this episode Kat shares how she’s created multiple profitable businesses simply by leveraging her skills in clever ways that allow her to not only be of service in the world, but that are a true reflection of her passion and purpose.


She shares the realities of what those early years looked like and how she made the transition from her corporate job into running her business full time.

Kat also has some great advice for fellow multi-passionates who find it challenging to stay focused and how we can leverage our time in order to maximize our results.

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode:

Ep#9 :: Susie Moore, How to Take Your Side Hustle Idea From Dream to Reality


Welcome to episode #9 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today, I’m excited to be chatting with Susie Moore, author of the brand new book, What if it Does Work Out - How a Side Hustle Can change your Life and creator of the online program, Side Hustle Made Simple.

Formerly a Sales Director at a Fortune 500 company, Susie is a business coach to CEOs and founders and an advisor to tech start ups in New York City and Silicon Valley.

She has been featured on the Today show, Forbes, Business Insider, Marie Claire, Time, Inc, Family Circle and many more.

In this episode Susie shares her story of how she was able to generate enough income through her side hustle that enabled her to leave her well-paying sales job and do something she truly loves.


We talk about why now more than ever, there has never been a better time to begin a side hustle and how it can transform your life for the better.

Susie shares her framework for how you can work out if your side hustle is actually a good idea or just an expensive hobby; along with the realities of juggling your side hustle alongside your full time job.

We talk about how to get your side hustle off the ground and clever non-cringeworthy ways to self-promote and get your business out there.

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode:

In this episode we mention:

Grab a copy of 'What if it does work out' & connect with susie: 

Ep#8 :: Connie Chapman, The Path to Trusting Your Inner Wisdom & Following Your Heart


Welcome to episode number 8 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today I’m honored to be chatting with the delightful Connie Chapman.

Connie is a life coach, speaker and writer empowering big dreamers and soul seekers to discover a new way of living, and create lives they love (from the inside out).

Through her 1:1 coaching practise she has spent the past 5 years guiding hundreds of women and men to break free of their limitations and unlock their true potential.


Connie is the creator of the transformative course Slow Down & Tune In, and host of the Awaken Radio where she shares inspiring and heartfelt conversations that reach thousands of listeners in countries all around the world.

Known for her authentic, honest and soulful approach, Connie's transformative work is all about reconnecting with your heart and inner wisdom, embodying more love, peace and freedom, creating a mindset that empowers you, and learning to truly accept and value yourself.


In this episode Connie opens up about her journey of self-discovery and how she made a dramatic shift in her late 20’s to begin living in complete alignment with her soul’s calling and her purpose.

We talk about the power of tuning into our subtle nudges to recognize when we’re on the wrong path; the expectations of those around us and why we need to be careful about who we share our dreams with; as well as the journey of navigating a wildly unfamiliar territory, all while honoring your dreams.


Connie shares her practices for slowing down and tuning into her inner guidance system and how she balances this with making practical decisions about the very real challenges she faces on her journey.

I know you’re going to be so inspired by everything Connie shares and can’t wait for you to listen!

Let’s get to the show!


Listen to the full episode:

Ep#7 :: 5 Simple Steps to Overcoming Fear & Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone to Reinvent Your Life

Ep7__5 Simple_Steps_Overcoming_Fear_Getting-Out-Of-Your-Comfort-Zone-to-Reinvent-Your-Life.jpg

Welcome to episode number 7 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today’s show is going to be slightly different because there is no guest interview today - it is just me!

I have to be honest - doing this is going well and truly out of my comfort zone, so bear with me…

And that brings me to the topic for today’s show - How to push yourself out of your zone of comfort to reinvent your life.

The truth is that if you really want to create change in your life; up level your success and create a new way of being for yourself - you need to start doing things differently…

Any by differently, I mean getting well and truly uncomfortable ….

You see - while living in our zone of comfort is very comfortable, nothing ever grows from there. We simply remain exactly where we are.

There are two types of people in the world - the people who are just happy with following the same path that has been laid out before them and never breaking out to follow their true calling and purpose in the world; and then there are the people who are committed to growth, change and designing a life that is in complete alignment with their purpose.

For some people staying where they are is completely ok with them. They don’t really have big dreams or they don’t really want to commit to the change necessary to make their dreams happen.

They are happy doing the same things day in, day out without ever making the choice they want to upgrade their life…

The problem with this way of life is you never find out what you’re truly capable of and you never grow - you remain stuck.

If we want to create a new way of life - we must embrace a new way of being.

And getting uncomfortable is the first step.

Let’s be honest - any kind of change where we need to level up is most likely met with some kind of resistance - resistance to change; resistance to doing things differently and above all - resistance to stepping into a new version of yourself.

So today I'm sharing 5 simple ways that you can make this change a little less overwhelming and also make it fun!!


1. Get clear on your vision.

  • What is it you truly want?

  • What is the vision you have for your life?

  • What are the steps you need to get you there?

  • Create a roadmap and literally write down the gaps between where you are now and where you need to be.

2. Start small.

There is no point getting so overwhelmed with trying to make massive leaps and then never getting started in the first place.

Instead, think of some smaller steps that are still wildly different but will help you to build up your confidence and create momentum so you can then start making those bigger leaps!

3. Treat everything as an experiment and a learning opportunity.

Reframe everything you do with: what can I learn from this? What can I do differently/better next time? What are my opportunities for growth here? Does this feel good to me?

4. Track your progress.

Keep a journal and record every action, every win and every time you up-level your success. You’ll be amazed when you look back and see exactly how far you’ve come!

5. Celebrate your wins!

This is so important and we don’t do this nearly enough as we should.

Decide what your version of celebrating looks like - whether it’s happy dancing around the house; a luxurious bubble bath; or an afternoon of Netflix - whatever supports you feeling accomplished and rewarded for your hard work of up-leveling your game!

Listen to the full episode here:

I'd love you to share what are two small steps you could begin today that would start creating momentum for your big dream?

To taking your next best step,

Rachel x