5 tips to creating a happy and productive workspace


The space we work in plays an important role in how productive we are.

Not only is it where we need to be focused and thinking creatively, it's where we're likely to be spending a lot of time, so it makes sense that it's designed for optimal productivity; as well as looking good!

Here are the essential ingredients that make for a happy and productive workspace, conducive to creating your best work.

1. Natural light.

A well lit area for you to work in is essential given the long hours spent in front of an artificially lit computer screen.

Not only is it good for your eyes, but studies have shown that natural light makes you more alert, happier and more productive.

2. A comfortable chair.

A comfortable chair makes the world of difference, especially when spending long periods sitting at your desk.

I used to try and work from a chair that looked good, but really was uncomfortable and meant that I wasn't inclined to sit in it.

Once I made the change to a more practical chair I found I had considerably more motivation to work!

3. Use color to enhance the mood.

It's well documented that color influences mood and can trigger certain emotional responses.

Blues and greens lend themselves to being refreshing and soothing; red and yellow are known to stimulate energy; and then on the other end of the spectrum neutral colors like white and beige can have a calming and peaceful effect.

Determine the colors that will help you be most productive and then be creative in how you pull your space together, which may be as simple as adding pops of color with artwork or a fun chair.

4. Keep it organized.

There are theories that a messy desk is conducive to creativity, but I don't buy into this at all.

Sure, have what you need within reach - especially a paper and pen to jot down ideas as they come - but having your desk littered with crap is not going to help you to produce your best work. 

Find a space for everything and keep your desk area orderly to eliminate distractions and focus your attention on what needs to get done.

 5. Surround yourself with positive inspiration.

Adding personal touches to your space to inspire you lends itself to being more productive.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to create a mood board filled with gorgeous images, uplifting quotes, positive affirmations and postcards of far away places to remind you of the beauty in the world.

Module 2Rachel Gadiel