6 tools to supercharge your productivity


I’m a big fan of using apps and tools to help me better manage my time - there loads of awesome tools these days specially designed to help you be more productive - so use them!

Here are 6 of my favorites that will help you kick your daily goals:

1. Focus Booster

Focus Booster is great if you find yourself procrastinating on things and really want to focus your time. It’s based on the Pomodoro technique which is when you work in 25 minute time blocks.

It has a timer set to 25 minutes and you can set up your preferences so that you get a warning when you’re nearing your deadline and it gives an alert when the 25 minutes is up. 

This has helped me be so much more focused with my time and it’s kinda fun with the gamified element that sees you racing against the clock to get stuff done!

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2. Self-Control

Self Control is brilliant if you get distracted easily while on your computer, as you can deem certain sites ‘off-limits’ while you work. 

So if you find yourself getting distracted by Facebook or Pinterest, or even your own site - block them for a specified time period so you know you can let them distract you!

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3. Kill News Feed

Kill News Feed is a Chrome plugin which quite simply kills the newsfeed on Facebook so you don’t get distracted when you login.

This is brilliant if you spend a lot of time in Facebook Groups and you don’t want to be distracted by the News Feed each time you go on to engage with these groups.

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4. My Minutes

I love My Minutes because it lets you create daily goals for yourself which you then have to allocate a specific time to.

You can then set up the days/dates you want to achieve these goals by and it records them for you when you’ve successfully completed them, allowing you to easily see how much you have achieved. 

Seeing your progress is a brilliant way to keep motivated. It does cost $3.79, but the ability to keep yourself accountable and see your progress makes it well worth it in my view!

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5. Toggl

Ok, Toggl hands down has to be my favorite.

It lets you enter tasks you’re working on (that you can easily assign to clients or specific projects) and then it records how long you’re spending on it. 

The gamified element again makes this really fun, but it helps give you an overview of what tasks you have and then how long you’re spending on them.

Once you start the timer that’s it - so if you’re like me and can get easily distracted, it will show you taking longer for the task.

A good incentive to be super focus with your time and energy! I also love the ability to tag and categorize your tasks which gives you the feeling of being super organized and in control of everything you need to get done. Win!

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6. Brain FM

Brain FM one of my favorite tools that helps keep me focused during the day. It’s music designed intentionally help you focus, sleep or to meditate. I personally just use the focus music. You can get 2 free sessions a day or otherwise pay for the subscription which is super reasonable!

I love it because you can set the time for how long you want to focus for and it will play the music for that specific period.

For best results, listen with your headphones!

Get it here. 

Whether you need to stop yourself from getting distracted; stay focused, or simply want to create good habits for yourself - there is a tool that can help you achieve your goals. 

Put these to work and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Your challenge today:

Pick one tool from this list to start using today and use it to monitor your time.

Then, jump over to the Facebook Group and let me know which tool you’re going to use and share how it’s working for you!

Daily affirmation: 

I have the power to choose my thoughts and actions.

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