Clear the clutter


Some schools of thought will tell you that a messy desk is good for creativity, but I beg to differ. 

Clutter has a profound impact on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being and when the space where we need to focus and be our most creative self, is filled with clutter we are not doing ourselves any favors.

When your outer world is in chaos, chances are your inner world is too and it’s affecting your creativity as well as your ability to focus.

Clearing the clutter helps with mental clarity and inspiration. 

Dedicate an hour today getting your home and workspace in a state that is conducive to you being most productive.

Get organized and clear out anything that is no longer serving you in both your physical and digital spaces.

Ask yourself: Is it in alignment with your goals? Does it serve a purpose for you? If not, get rid of it.

Clutter weighs you down!

Physical space

  • Clean out your workspace, file away papers, tie up any loose ends.
  • Set up a folder system so you can file your important papers straight away and they’re not left piling up or lying around.
  • Organize your desk and give everything a home. I find using varying sized boxes in my workspace is a great way to reduce clutter – they look pretty and are a practical way to store your belongings. My favorites are these. I'm also obsessed with Poppin who make a ton of stylish (and affordable) office solutions to help organize your space!
  • Clean out any drawers that and rid of anything old or you don't need anymore. Then reorganize it!

Digital space

  • Review any recurring payments for subscriptions and cancel those that are no longer providing you value.

  • Clear your desktop and organize your folder structure so that all of your files are saved in the relevant folders. 

  • Delete any images and large files that are no longer needed and taking up space.

  • Unsubscribe from emails clogging your inbox and that are not serving you. is a lifesaver –  it literally does a scan of your inbox for all of your active subscriptions so you can delete them on the spot! How’s that for efficiency?

Daily affirmation: 

I keep my workplace tidy and organized, so my mind can focus on my most important priorities.


Module 2Rachel Gadiel