Do less, but better


I want to have a moment of truth with you: how busy are you, really?

Are you truly, flat out busy, or are you just with busying yourself with fluff and things around the edges without actually moving forward or making progress on where you actually need to be?

Thing is, for you to make a big impact you need to focus your energy and time on activities that are going to see you getting tangible results.

And the more you are super clear on what your goals and vision is, the more you can focus your time spending it on wisely on activities that are delivering you these tangible results.

My case point is social media.

Love it or hate it, to be running a business or blog these days it pretty much goes with the territory. It has the potential to be a time suck, but at the same time it comes with a huge amount of opportunity, because of the exposure it can offer you. 

So many people I see make the mistake of trying to be across every single platform because they don’t want to miss out, but they end up getting bogged down creating content for all these different channels and seeing less than average results. 

Focus is the key! Don’t try and be amazing at everything because it won’t work. 

Pick channels that you naturally excel at, or at least enjoy. Then set up a system that connects all of your various channels so you don’t need to spend time creating content for all of them. 

This same philosophy applies to anything you're spending your time and energy on.

Your challenge today:

Review everything you spent your time today on and reflect on these questions:

  •  Are the activities that are demanding your time aligned with your overall vision?
  • Is your energy being spent on tasks that are delivering you results? 
  • What can you remove from my day/week that is not delivering you the results you want?
  • What would you be able to create if you trimmed down what you're spending your time on to only the few things that truly matter?

Daily affirmation: My to-do list is focused only on those tasks which are important to attaining my goals.

Let’s make it happen!


Module 2Rachel Gadiel