The simple hack to make positive mindset a daily habit


Do you want to know the single most important thing you need to be successful in designing the life you've been dreaming about?

It’s having a positive mindset.

If you've been part of my tribe for a while you will know that I’m a huge fan of positive affirmations to help shift your mindset so you become the conscious creator of your thoughts.

You see, if we let them, our thoughts have the ability to take over and make us believe all kinds of ridiculous things about ourselves.

But the thing is, YOU actually have the power to control these limiting thoughts.

Consciously creating your thoughts doesn’t need to be complicated or onerous, but it does require your commitment to benefit from the full impact on your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

The first step is to become aware of your thoughts and then it’s just about making it a daily habit to become the master of your thoughts.

I read about this hack in Gabby Bernstein’s Miracles Book and thought it was freaking brilliant - and super simple!

So here it is:

Grab an elastic band and put it on your wrist. Every time a negative, self-defeating thought pops into your head, snap the band on your wrist and jolt yourself and instantly replace the negative thought with a positive thought or affirmation.

See how genius it is?

Here are a few affirmations to get you started:

  • Comparison: I have as much brightness to offer the world as the next person
  • Perfectionism: I see the perfection in all of my flaws and all my genius.
  • Uncertainty and worry: I trust in the universe all that’s meant to be will be.
  • Self-doubt:  I have faith in my ability to manifest my desires.

Further reading: pull out your copy of the Purpose Planner - it's got over 70 affirmations to support you!

Remember, it’s all about making this a daily habit! Once it’s a habit it will become like second nature to you and you will see your success skyrocket.

You got this!

Your challenge today:

Head to the Facebook Group and share one of your favorite affirmations that helps to realign your mindset in the right direction.




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