Week 3 Goal Challenge: give yourself a deadline


Ok, it's time for a good dose of no bullsh*t honesty: if you are setting goals for yourself with no deadlines against them, it’s nothing more than wishful thinking.

And you know where that is will get you? A big fat nowhere. 

Because I know you are committed to making stuff happen, I’m going to challenge you to set a date for each of the goals you have set for the rest of this challenge, to hold yourself accountable.

Here’s wrong way to set your goals….

This year I will grow my tribe.

Here’s the right way….

By the end of 2018, I will grow my tribe to 10,000, with 5,000 newsletter subscribers, 4000 Instagram fans and 1,000 YouTube subscribers.

Here’s another example:

Vague goal: I want to be healthier.

Specific goal:

By the end of 2018 I will feel amazing by creating a healthy lifestyle for myself and reaching and maintaining my goal weight of xx. I will fit into my skinny jeans and feel fabulous because of all the healthy food and exercise I’m now integrating as part of my daily life.

Make sense?

Each of these goals are both very specific as well as being measurable.

To make your goals stick, you need to hold yourself accountable to achieving them and this means making your goals measurable as well as setting a deadline for achieving them.

Self-imposed deadlines make you accountable but the trick is to make your deadline public so you keep yourself in check and on track.

Your challenge today:

Think about what a realistic deadline would be for you to complete just one action for your big goal this month - then head on over to our Facebook Group and share your measurable and specific goal with us!

Daily affirmation: Everything I do takes me closer to my dreams.

Keep getting, goal-getter!


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