How to be intentional with your time and prioritize your goals


I know what its like juggling a bazillion things all at once. When you’re hustling to make something happen it’s inevitable you are trying to be a super human and get it all done which can be overwhelming and incredibly de-motivating - if you let it be!

Thing is, time is the greatest resource each of us has. It’s easy to take for granted because it seems it is abundant supply, but we all know that there are 24 hours in a day and our time on this planet is in fact limited - and wouldn't you rather be spending it living the life you’d always imagined? I thought so!

Ok, so let’s talk about how you can be intentional with your time and how you can prioritize what you need to get done so you’re not feeling like a crazy person with an insane to-do list, all the time.

Let’s go back to your One Big Goal.

This is what you set out to achieve when you started - so it makes sense to start from here and work your way backwards -although you can easily apply this same method to your yearly, monthly, weekly + daily goals.

Write your to-do list: daily.

Your daily to-do list will be determined by what your overall goal is, so next to each task rank it accordingly depending on when it is due and work on things with hard deadlines first.

Include weekends.

You must to have a firm plan for each day so you are very clear on what you need to get done. When your tasks are laid in front of you, you are firmly placing yourself in the drivers seat and only you can be the one to get you there.

Streamline your productivity.

Don’t try and juggle too many things at once so they get completed at a substandard rate. Give yourself enough time to complete tasks or else you are costing yourself time as you will need to go back and revisit these tasks again. 

Eliminate distractions and focus.

Turn your phone on silent; close your internet tabs; shut down your email; if you need to turn your wi-fi off so you can concentrate- then do it. 

+ Do whatever you need to do to ensure you stay on track and on target for reaching your daily goals.

Say ‘no’ with grace.

When you are very clear on your vision and the plan for how you’re going to get there it suddenly becomes a lot easier to turn down things not aligned with your goal. If you need to say no to a social occasion or birthday drinks - do it.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the guilt of whether you should or shouldn’t go. Part of being intentional with your time means making hard decisions about how you spend it.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t make time for fun - not at all - I’m just saying that when you have a goal, you must be willing to make sacrifices along the way. 

Frame it this way: having the discipline to say no to things that will make you happy in the short term means you’re saying a BIG yes to your dream - you know, the thing that is going to make you happiest in the long term?

Daily affirmation: Time is precious and I value every minute of it, using it wisely to pursue my dream.


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