Success is a journey, not a destination


Here’s the thing about success: it’s a journey, not a destination. 

So as you keep moving forward when you achieve your goals, you need to spend time carving out what you want the next chapter to look like.

Success is not final.

Just because we reach a certain level of success, life continues to move forward around us.

If we stay the same and everything else changes, we will get left behind.

And as we grow and evolve, our taste changes. You may have new interests; a new circle of friends; a new relationship, job or career - each bringing with it a new set of ideas that will expand your mind and how you see the world.

If you decide you have been moving in the wrong direction, don’t be afraid to change. When we try new things, we learn more about ourselves and gain a deeper insight into what we value most.

Whatever your next chapter looks like, don’t ever, ever limit yourself in your own mind.

You have the power to achieve anything and everything you set your mind to.

Go back and review your journey over the past four weeks - look at what worked and what didn’t.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you been moving in the right direction for you?
  • Did you notice the results that you expected?
  • Did you get result you weren’t expecting?
  • What went really well?
  • What would you do differently if you had your time over?

Remember that each day brings with it new opportunity: the chance for you to shape the direction your life is headed.

View setbacks as an opportunity to shift gears and choose a new path - one that’s right for you.

You are the captain of your ship and you get to steer it any direction you choose. Be as creative as you want - this is your masterpiece after all! 

Daily affirmation: My life is just beginning.

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