Plan your daily priorities


How are you feeling? Pumped? Good!

Ok, so now that you have set your One Big Goal and detailed all of the steps, today I want you to set out your plan for the rest of this week.

You see, even though you’ve set your one big goal this month, it’s your daily actions and having a solid plan that will see you meeting your big goal.

Planning daily priorities is a foundational skill that will keep you focused on long-term goals throughout your daily life.

And to help you set your week up for success and see you meeting those OBG milestones, I’ve created an intentional Weekly Goals Planner to help keep you on track during the month.

How to use the planner:

  • Set your focus for this week - what is the main thing you need to get done?
  • Plan each day’s tasks so you know what you need to accomplish by the end of each day to reach your goal for the week.
  • Record additional tasks in your to-do - there are always small things that come up and may not always be able to predict - keep a track of these and record them using the to-do list. That way you won't forget them and can easily slot them into your week.

>>> Download your weekly GOALS planner <<<


Print out your Weekly Goals Planner and get busy planning your week ahead! 

Daily affirmation: I accomplish everything I set out to do.

Much love,

Rachel x

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