How to master the art of discipline


Discipline is the art of choosing what you want now vs. what you want most.

On the path to success you will face resistance to discipline many, many times, but I liken it to a muscle - the more you flex it the stronger it gets and over time

It’s important to note that this is not about being perfect or seeking perfection of any kind.

So if you slip up now and again (bound to happen!) then don't beat yourself up about it; or worse, don't give up and lose all the amazing work you've done so far!!

This is an on-going journey and a practice - just keep showing up, practicing and doing the work.

Here are 6 simple practices for you to become an expert at mastering self-discipline.

1. Do the task at hand even if you don't feel like it.

The quickest way to overcome resistance you're facing is by doing the task, even when you don’t feel like it. Commit to doing it for 2 minutes. Then another 2 minutes.

Chances are once you’ve started you won’t want to stop and by getting started and pushing through the resistance of ‘not feeling like it’ means you’re taking all important action. And when you take action you’re strengthening your self-discipline muscle and laying the foundation for creating positive habits to help you achieve your goals.

2. Get good at being uncomfortable.

Nope it’s not going to be easy and resistance is going to stare you down the face, but by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and fully allowing yourself to experience the negative emotions holding you ransom, you’ll master the art of pushing past these blocks and ploughing on, despite these feelings.

Whether you’re facing frustration or fear of the task, the better you get at sitting with these feelings and allowing them to flow through you and increasing your tolerance to them, the quicker you will be able to master self-discipline.

3. Visualize your long term goals.

Discipline is all about making the decision on what is more important to you - what you want now vs what you want most. In any moment it’s super easy to give in and say to yourself, ‘oh just this once’ - and let it slide.

Consistently doing this is going to get you nowhere.

Keep visualizing your end game and where you want to ultimately be.

4. Recover from mistakes effectively.

You are human and not perfect. You’re bound to slip up sometimes or even all the time - but being able to forgive yourself and recover quickly from your mistakes is the key to getting back on track.

When you slip up, your self-confidence takes a beating and you’re left feeling bruised. It’s hard to get back on track, but by acknowledging your mistake, accepting it and moving on quickly, will mean you stop allowing yourself to get defeated.

5. Remove the temptation where necessary.

Some habits require extra strength and mean you need to put systems in place that will you halt you in your tracks from engaging in the behavior you’re trying to create or break.

If you know your Facebook scrolling time is costing you working on your goals then nip it in the bud stat. Remove the app from your phone.

Use the Self Control app so you can’t access it from your computer. Put whatever system in place you need to support mastering your discipline.

6. Keep yourself accountable.

Monitor your progress by using your Daily Habits tracker! Print out your tracker and use this to chart your progress. Show up and commit to practicing everyday and you will master these new habits which will ultimately end up changing the direction of your life.

Bad habits are easy to form and good habits are easy to break, but it’s the mastering of self-discipline that will ultimately see you kicking those goals!


Choose two of these practices that you know will have the biggest impact on your discipline and get started!

HOP OVER to the Facebook Group and share - what are two practices will support you to be more disciplined?

Daily affirmation :: I am the master of my habits.

Keep being amazing!!


Rachel x

Module 1Rachel Gadiel