Productivity Hack :: Plan Your Day the Night Before


Making it happen begins with starting your days running - literally!

This may sound simple, but rather than wasting time in the morning working out what your day looks like, why not spend 10 minutes the night before planning out all of your tasks for the following day?

Over the long term, this sweet little hack can save you hours each week.

Writing your list the night before also gives you an opportunity to β€˜brain dump’ everything in your head which means -

a) you can forget about it at the end of each day.
b) you make sure you don’t miss anything important!


Starting today make the commitment to writing out your to-do list the night before and watch your productivity soar!

Daily affirmation: Because my life is clutter-free my mind is clear and focused.

Have I told you how awesome you are? Well, its true. Keep on rocking it!


Module 1Rachel Gadiel