Productivity hack : Batching


This little gem of a hack is going to supercharge your productivity!

When you have a lot to get done, you need to be as efficient with your time as possible.

Enter: batching.

This is when you batch or group similar tasks together, and create a system for them that saves you time.

Take creating your social media posts for example - this can be a very time consuming process when spread out over time, but by grouping them all together at once means you can knock them all over in an afternoon and reduce your daily time spent thinking about planning and crafting each post.

Here are some other tasks you can look at batching together to save you time:

  • Expenses.
  • Invoicing.
  • Checking + responding to email.
  • Writing blog posts.
  • Creating social media posts.
  • Filming and editing videos.
  • Recording podcast episodes.

Your Challenge Today: 

Take a look at your daily / weekly / monthly tasks and look at which of these can be grouped together to save you time.

Next, schedule some time on your weekly goals planner to a batching session.

Daily affirmation: Every day, without fail, I move closer to my goals.


Keep moving forward Rachel, you’ve got this :-)




Module 1Rachel Gadiel