How to embrace setbacks


On the road to chasing down your dream, setbacks and challenges are inevitable and given half the chance they can really knock you about.

I’ve had my fair share of them and not only does your confidence take a beating, but then the self-doubt begins creeping in and you start wondering what the heck you’re even doing.

The good news is that setbacks are also an opportunity for you to see things in a new light: to pause, reflect and adjust if you need to. 

Here are 3 ways to embrace your setbacks:

#1. Lean into the feeling of discomfort.

Acknowledge it. Accept it and be thankful for it; without it you wouldn’t be nearly as appreciative for the good times when they do roll. Know that you are human and it is entirely ok for you not to be a shining beacon of light all the time. But do not allow yourself to dwell. 

#2. Focus on the good.

When things are not going according to plan, instead of allowing yourself to get consumed by the negative, shift your focus to look at the good.

There is always something to be grateful for. Grab your journal and write down 5 things that are going well right now. Shifting your energy to focus on the positive is an instant mood booster!

#3. Reframe.

See the challenge as an opportunity to look at things differently, in a new light. Perhaps there is a new way of thinking, or maybe you haven’t explored all possible options.

Sometimes we need challenges to highlight things that, deep down we know are not working. 

And remember: this too shall pass. Every closed door is a window to a new opportunity.

Daily affirmation: My obstacles are moving out of my way; my path is carved towards greatness.


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