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Get Unstuck

Using the power of your subconscious mind, this 4-week hypnotherapy program is designed to help you bust right through the blocks holding you back from your biggest dreams and desires, helping to re-wire your mind, put you back in control of your life and in charge of your destiny.

Can you IMAGINE...

How liberating it would feel to finally be able to take action towards those big, juicy goals you’ve been putting off?

To step into the most confident version of you; activating your self belief and creating the success you've been dreaming about?

To be free of the self-sabotaging patterns and self-doubt holding you back from creating a career of your dreams?

Change is possible for you.

Hypnotherapy is different to other therapies as it works at a subconscious level, giving you the tools to create lasting change in a short period of time. 



Through strategic questioning, I will uncover the unconscious and unhelpful patterns that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forward.


I will guide you into a deeply relaxed state and through the vehicle of hypnosis, I will  make positive suggestions that communicate with your subconscious mind.


These suggestions (which you can choose to take on board or not) will create new neural pathways in your brain and ultimately rewire your mind for success.

It’s time to say goodbye to perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt, comparison and never feeling enough.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know: there is nothing wrong with you - you have simply adopted some unhelpful patterns of thinking that up until now have been serving you well.

You have all the power within you to change the course of your life - you just need to know how to access it.

My goal is to unlock what’s been holding you back and empower you with the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Using the power of your subconscious mind, you can achieve results and lasting change in just 4 sessions.



Break free of negative thoughts keeping you stuck and holding you back so you can create the life you want.


Step into and embody the next level version of you and align your mind with the future vision for your career.


Push the boundaries on the old limitations you placed on yourself.


Quit wasting time on distractions that take you further away from your purpose.

this is for you.

real results

"I feel confident about stepping out into the world and starting my new career."

Rachel held a very safe and encouraging space in guiding me to work through the anxiety and procrastination I was experiencing around starting my new business. After our session I was able to take action on things that I had been procrastinating on for a while and now feel confident about stepping out into the world and starting my new career.

- Natalie, Perth


"It's incredibly empowering to recognize that I can make a proactive choice to be the creator of my life."

Rachel's voice is soothing and her words are magical. After our session I was able to let go of attachments to old narratives I didn’t even realize I was holding on to and it felt incredibly empowering to recognize that I can make a proactive choice to be the creator of my life in every moment.

- Dara, San Francisco


what Can hypnotherapy help with?


Confidence & Self Esteem

Reclaim your personal power, raise your worth, reconnect with your true self and restore your inner radiance. Reset and reprogram your mindset so you can boldly step into your full potential.


Boost Productivity

Gain courage and conviction on your big ideas so you can break free of what’s holding you back and take action!


Relieve Anxiety & Stress

Imagine how it would feel to let go of the negative thoughts that are keeping you stuck and holding you back so you can calm your mind and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Personalized sessions tailored to your needs

hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind to create lasting change

science-backed approach that makes powerful shifts at your identity level



Q. Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Yes! Hypnosis is beneficial to anyone by highlighting the extraordinary amount of un-tapped potential that already exists within you.

Q. Is hypnosis safe?

Yes! I use scientifically tried and tested methods that get results quickly and effectively. 

I've been trained by a government accredited organization and only take on clients within my scope. Prior to your session you’ll be asked to fill out a pre-session questionnaire to ensure that I can help you.

Q. WHat happens during a session?

During our session, I’ll guide you into a relaxed and comfortable state where I’ll begin to communicate with your subconscious mind and make positive suggestions that address your concerns. 

You will be fully in control and aware of everything going on the whole time.

Q. what does being hypnotized feel like?

Being hypnotized and guided into a trance is a natural state of mind that many people would have already encountered in their day to day life. 

Have you ever found yourself completely absorbed in a movie, reading a great book or playing a video game?

You’ve presumably experienced trance, which can also be likened to a 'flow state’ where your mind is completely focused and engaged on what's happening in the present moment.

The only difference between these naturally occurring states and the trance that a hypnotherapist will guide you through, is the purpose behind it. As your hypnotherapist, I will guide you into trance as a means of therapeutic application to support your growth and transformation.

During trance, you will be completely conscious, and in control of your own actions.

Let's Work 

Hey I'm Rachel - your new sub-conscious secret weapon who believes anything is possible when you start taking control of your mind. Together, we will rewire your mind and raise your worth so you can realign with your authentic self and bloom into the person you most want to become.

4-Session Package $897 AUD




I can't wait to help you level up.
Let's make it happen!

Helping multi-passionate creatives get unstuck, find their thing and design an unconventional career path they’re obsessed with.

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