How She Did It: Claudia Lambert, Interior Stylist


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I’m super excited to be kicking off a new series, How She Did It, which profiles amazing creative women in business who have turned their passion into their full time business and sharing their story of how they made it happen.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce to you interior designer and stylist, Claudia Lambert from Claudia Lambert Interiors. I’ve been following Claudia’s journey from when she first launched her blog as a side project while she was in her previous career and it’s been incredibly inspiring to watch her business explode as she’s established her position as one of Australia’s leading interior stylists.

Let’s dive in!

First things first, what was your big dream and what inspired you to go after it?

After working in the couple and family therapy field for 12 years I was getting burnt out by the intensity of my career; I had young kids and that is enough intensity in itself! 

I was often complimented on my interior choices and began to explore this interest through a blog when they were a thing. I ended up getting work from magazines styling homes which then led to enquiries for residential styling and decorating. 

I realized (not quickly) that I could actually make a career out of something that did not even feel like work.

It was really nice getting positive feedback about my aesthetic and this is what drove me to pursue this as a career full time. 

What was one of the first things you did to get you started?

It has been a looong journey so far, it really just kept evolving and more and more opportunities came up. I said yes to everything industry related so I could get a handle on what goes on in all facets and where I thought I could fit in. I guess the first thing was putting myself out there and grabbing every opportunity that came my way.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in working toward making your dream a reality?

The business of design is very intricate, there are so many facets to it, the fun designing part is only the tip of the iceberg. The largest chunk of my work involves liaising with suppliers and trades, keeping clients informed and happy and making mistakes daily then learning from them. It is a real process and takes meticulous planning, a lot of admin time and putting out fires. 

Each time I face a challenge it usually turns into an opportunity to shift my practice.

What helped you take action, make progress and achieve it?

Knowing that I can fund a lifestyle for myself and my kids doing something I love is enough of a motivator for me to keep going, working for myself is a real dream come true; I am hopeless working for someone else! I am far too opinionated and underfunction where I don’t have the passion for certain tasks. 

I learnt quickly what I was good at and what I hated, so I got on board with contracting these tasks out leaving me to do the things that create drive for me personally without the stress of the more challenging things. 

Is there anything you wished you would have done differently?

I think if I had my time again I would have studied this from the beginning but in saying that  I have so many invaluable skills from my previous career that I wouldn’t change for the world. 

Do you ever have creative / mindset blocks and, if so, how do you overcome them?

Not so much creative mindset blocks,  I am so inspired all the time, I could create new spaces daily based on an artwork I see or a wall finish or even a thrift find. I get blocked when it comes to things like admin tasks, spreadsheets etc, I procrastinate. 

Career highlight so far?

I think being featured on The Design Files was a highlight for me with my Waverton project and my Randwick project in Real Living, seeing your work in print is always a thrill. 

Running a creative business can be draining at times. How do you find balance and practice self-care?

It is very draining! I do tend to let it get the better of me and get to a point where I am exhausted and then I do something about it. I do take care of myself in that I go to therapy, I exercise and I have fun with my friends, family and kids. 

I am also lucky enough to be able to schedule in rest time if things are getting on top of me but the reality is I never switch off as it’s my own business.

What’s the best advice you have for other creatives who want to follow their big dreams?

Just start, know that you will make mistakes as that is the best way to learn, go and volunteer your time with your favourite stylist or designer,  the more knowledge you have the better. 

Immerse yourself in every facet of the industry, I personally follow artists, architects, designers, stylists and all creatives. 

Always ask for help and take responsibility for what you don’t know then learn how to do it to learn that you may need to outsource that aspect of your business. 

Do you have anything exciting coming in 2023 to share?

I have my biggest project to date ready for completion in March/April which has been a dream, so many lessons learnt and so many opportunities for me to showcase my aesthetic in a more definitive and whole way.   

Favorite quote: 

When you cease to learn you cease to grow.

Favorite book: 

Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes,

Who / or what has been your biggest inspiration: 

I have admired Kelly Wearstler’s career for 10 years. While my style has shifted from her maximalist aesthetic, she has been someone I look up to consistently from a business perspective.

Connect with Claudia:

Website | Instagram

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