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We all have it. That voice in our head that gets loud and intolerable anytime we’re about to take a giant leap towards our big dreams; wanting to keep us safe and playing small.

Problem is, if we listen to our inner critic, it limits us and gets in the way of reaching our potential and making our dreams a reality.

That voice talks us out of taking action on our dreams for fear of it not working out; fear of everyone judging us or, worse, the fear that we might be hugely successful!

Our inner critic has one job: to keep us safe and to keep us out of harm’s way. 

This basically means that it wants to keep us in our little zone of comfort at all times. We trade so much of our lives for safety – but for what cost? 

The cost of living a life that we truly love; that allows us to ignite our soul purpose; follow our dreams and fulfill our potential.

While there are times this voice can be helpful (like protecting us from real danger!), there are other times when we need to put a lid on it and get good at turning down the volume so we can tune it out altogether.

And if we don’t?

Listening to that incessant voice keeps us a prisoner to our own thoughts. We become trapped in a negative loop our mind has us stuck in, like we’re spiraling out of control.

It’s like your mind is holding you hostage from the life you’re dreaming about; the constant “What if” questions on repeat, leaving you too scared to make a change in case it doesn’t work out.

This whole vicious cycle ends up leaving you exhausted from the constant mental gymnastics, and wishing you could just hit the ‘escape’ button.

It’s enough to drive you crazy, don’t you agree!?

Want to know the truth? 

The only difference between successful people and people who haven’t reached their dreams is that successful people have chosen to ignore that voice and have developed effective strategies for knowing when to let those thoughts go and choose to take action instead.

But here’s the thing: for those who stay trapped by that voice; they trade their dreams for a vanilla flavored future and never find out what they’re truly capable of.

The good news is mastering our thoughts and managing our inner critic is a skill that we can learn: change is 100% possible.


Unhelpful patterns of thinking are running the show.

That voice in your head AKA your inner critic is literally running off an old pattern of thinking that at one point in your life, served you. These patterns of thinking are happening at your brain’s unconscious level, which means that over time, they have become habitual. 

It also means that these patterns of thinking are creating a conflict between what you consciously want to create in your life, and the unconscious beliefs that are firmly embedded in your mind.

And now that you want to make different choices and start taking action in alignment with your dreams and desires, it simply means you need to update your way of thinking to create a new pattern that serves you reaching your goals. 

Re-wire your mindset for success.

Imagine saying goodbye to the overthinking, self-doubt and never feeling enough that’s keeping you stuck, so you can take back control of your life and move forward with clarity and confidence?

Thanks to neuroplasticity – research has confirmed that it’s possible to form new neural pathways in our brain and get unstuck from these negative loops our mind has kept us trapped in for so long. 

This means that your brain is capable of learning new things; new ways of thinking and new ways of being – at any time in your life.

It’s like building a new muscle that we can learn to strengthen over time.

That’s where the power of hypnotherapy and hypnosis comes in.

The power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a vehicle for delivering a useful message that offers therapeutic benefits.

Hypnosis allows someone to take onboard positive suggestions at an unconscious level, where they’re absorbed with focused attention.

As a hypnotherapist, it is my goal to uncover the unconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck and through the vehicle of hypnosis, deliver a new pattern and way of thinking that will help you reach your goals.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you break free of the negative thoughts that are holding you back so you can create the life you want.

I describe hypnosis as a goal-directed visualization where I’ll guide you into a relaxed and comfortable state. From here I’ll begin to communicate with your subconscious mind and make positive suggestions.

Unlike what you may have seen from stage hypnosis (where hypnosis is used for entertainment purposes), you will be fully in control and aware of everything going on the whole time.

These suggestions are designed to interrupt your negative patterns and create new neural pathways, giving you all the tools for transformation.

Want to know the best part?

With this approach and committing to listening to this visualization daily, you can achieve results and lasting change in 28 days or less!

Amazing right?

What can hypnosis help with?

The short answer is: anything where your mind is involved.

This can include raising your self esteem and self-worth, supercharging your confidence, overcoming anxiety, perfectionism and procrastination; helping you sleep better and overcoming social and performance anxiety.

Hypnosis helps you get unstuck so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Hypnosis vs. Meditation

Is hypnosis the same as meditation?

Here’s how I describe it:

Meditation helps to clear out the cobwebs and the mental clutter in your mind; like a carwash for your mind.


Hypnosis on the other hand is goal directed and focused on calling in your desires, creating a path forward, and cultivating your internal resources to create real and long lasting change.

Curious to learn more?

Grab my free Confidence Boosting hypnosis help you cultivate unstoppable self-belief and start your day with a positive mindset.

And if you want to dive deeper, book in a complimentary 15 minute chat here to see if a 1:1 personalized hypnotherapy session would help you set your mind free so you can reach your big goals.

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